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Bio: Hi I'm Susan . I'm into writing poems , designing dresses .I like to enjoy making people laugh from time to time and i also enjoy a good laugh . I love to use my imagination . I'm a pretty easy to ta...
11 Sep 2012 Love Poems
2 5.00 1575

Bio: Ohai bros. Im Erica. Im not in this world for you. Im not out to impress you or be what you want. I am real. I am not going to jump through hurdles to try and live up to your expectations. Im not goin...
22 Jan 2012 Love Poems
1 5.00 1086

14 Feb 2010 Oral Sex
1 4.94 19089

Bio: I have always had a very creative sex live and as a result have had some interesting experiences. I have only recently begun to turn some of my more daring encounters into stories for others to enjoy.
13 Jun 2008 Wife Lovers
1 4.47 21242

Bio: Just your average guy that likes to read erotic stories. Will write one if a story pops in my head.
17 Nov 2009 Taboo
1 4.78 31161

Bio: Life's a bumpy road. I particularly like the softer bumps....

A little kindness is the easiest and possibly the most rewarding gift there is.
02 Nov 2014 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
16 4.98 7117

Bio: I have a pretty wide-ranging imagination (and memory) so there's no telling what i might come up with in a story. I enjoy corresponding but when I turn my computer off that's it.
29 Nov 2007 Lesbian
Love Stories
Wife Lovers
7 4.62 59536

12 Aug 2009 Mature
1 4.00 4806

01 Apr 2013 Exhibitionism
1 4.81 18823

14 Mar 2013 First Time
Straight Sex
2 4.71 23794

Bio: I like to write stories/poems as well as read other people's stories. I like to meet and speak with people and create relationships.
11 Jun 2012 First Time
1 4.92 16543

Bio: Energetic 40-something who likes stories with an edge of reluctance in them or describing a first time experience.

I'm not skilled enough to write Erotica; my stories are better described as ...
31 Mar 2013 BDSM
Love Poems
Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
10 4.75 206673

Bio: I live south of the Ohio River, I work a 9-4 job and I like to run, bike and run orienteering races. I am 38, 5'9 and weight 115. And no, to the male mind, there's one little problem, I'm flat. Yes, b...
09 Mar 2010 Anal
4 4.38 67347

Bio: Novice writer in fact only one to-date.
07 Jul 2010 Quickie Sex
1 3.80 12168

03 Mar 2012 Straight Sex
2 4.59 18423

31 Aug 2010 Crossdressing
1 4.18 20314

Bio: Married middle aged guy who happens to be very bi and into fun with regular people, enjoying Porn, Nudity, Touching, Oral, massage, playing top or bottom, and helping first-time guys MM and couples MM...
06 May 2010 Bisexual
3 4.29 69473

Bio: I'm an normal guy, quite well off with an eye for the ladies.... my hobby is to have my way with attractive ladies...especially thr type of lady most men think does not put out..... they all do..mainl...
26 Oct 2007 Straight Sex
1 4.67 27595

Bio: The origin of my name. I tend to attract troubled girls. Girls who are homeless, addicted, drunk or bad girls thumbing. I don't go looking for them, they tend to find me. I'll always help them out if ...
21 Jun 2015 Hardcore
1 4.83 10036

30 Oct 2008 Anal
Straight Sex
7 4.15 73838
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