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This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter R.

Author Joined Categories # Stories Avg Score # Views

01 Jan 2012 Interracial
1 4.67 8424

30 Jul 2009 BDSM
Straight Sex
7 4.71 45386

17 Apr 2014 Gay Male
2 4.88 37219

Bio: I had to delete my account for a while but I am back now! I will repost some of my older stories as well as write some new ones. Look forward to recconnecting with everyone on here. Little about mysel...
05 Nov 2010 Incest
4 0.00 1797

08 Nov 2013 Incest
1 0.00 777

Bio: I'm a bisexual Englishman with a serious love of the human body. It's not all about sex though. I can look at the curves of a woman's waist and hips and see that they're beautiful, but I can also look...
05 May 2011 Incest
Straight Sex
4 1.23 8842

10 Dec 2013 Group Sex
Quickie Sex
5 4.41 54551

Bio: I am a 47 yr old single father. I have never written erotic stories before and through the encouragement of a close friend I am giving it a try. I am very open mind and enjoy all types of stories.
12 Feb 2009 Incest
Love Stories
4 1.13 4254

Bio: I love reading the exotic stories here, and may even write some myself. I have often dreamed of being in some of these situations. I love to please a lady and watch as an orgasm overtakes her. I ride ...
29 Jun 2012 Straight Sex
2 4.73 9896

18 Apr 2011 Group Sex
1 4.18 14749

Bio: I'm a man rapidly approaching middle age, who is going back to school well behind schedule in an effort to decide what I want to be when I grow up. My stories might, possibly, sometimes, have kernels...
06 Feb 2010 Masturbation
2 4.58 19263

07 Nov 2013 First Time
Group Sex
Straight Sex
20 2.46 140686

Bio: Basically an older guy with an appreciation of the sensual.
29 Jan 2011 MILF
1 4.83 10521

Bio: I'm 36 and a mother of three. I'm not sure why I started writing these stories. They just entered my head and the only way I could get rid of them was to write them down and then I thought it would be...
10 Nov 2014 Masturbation
Office Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
13 4.88 164007

Bio: I'm a shy, 25 year old. Average human by day, Erotic Story Writer by night. Don't tell anyone my secret haha!
The Internet is a safe place for expression so I am told. From a young age I became w...
03 Jan 2018 Erotic Poems
Flash Erotica
Love Stories
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
15 4.92 45387

Bio: I am a very independent person. I sit, I observe, I feed my mind. There's just something about drinking coffee and writing in a public place. No one knows what goes on behind the scenes until its read...
04 Jun 2013 Incest
1 0.00 379

03 May 2012 Straight Sex
1 4.82 181801

Bio: I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist clinician and educator. I love the profession and teaching others about respiratory medicine, and critical care.
16 Jul 2012 Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
2 4.84 16646

Bio: I am a singer, songwriter, and actress, originally from Australia but living in the United States since I was 14.
22 Jun 2012 First Time
1 4.31 10870

Bio: I don't like people coming on to me. I don't cyber. If you want to be my friend, okay but if you start anything that I feel uncomfortable with and continue to do so You're gone. I'm not good, I'm not ...
13 Apr 2015 Group Sex
1 4.92 8570
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