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Bio: I'm 21 years old. I enjoy writing stories. I'm still pretty new to writing erotica. My favorite categories are reluctance and taboo. Lush is the only home to my stories thus far. Each story I publish ...
21 Jan 2010 Anal
Group Sex
Love Stories
Straight Sex
21 4.52 410533

Bio: I'm the mother of two amazing teenagers, and I am in a committed relationship with the most incredible woman I have ever met. I love learning new things and am always open to new things.
18 Mar 2014 Flash Erotica
1 4.00 4666

05 Dec 2011 MILF
1 4.44 22387

31 May 2012 Straight Sex
1 4.83 6614

Bio: Love sex, love telling sexy stories, hoping to share some of my steamy fantasies and ideas on here
04 Jul 2014 Taboo
1 5.00 26171

Bio: Married and a grandfather (just). Mark Candless is not my real name, which I only use with people I have come to trust. My stories are purely fictional, sometimes based on my own fantasies. They ten...
22 Aug 2010 Straight Sex
3 2.92 24008

Bio: || Under Consideration ||
24 Sep 2011 Fetish
1 5.00 6212

08 Jul 2015 Seduction
1 4.75 4348

Bio: Single dad of two looking for adult time every once and a while.

Most people on here are a bit younger than I prefer. Love women of all shapes and sizes, just like them to be a bit older.
02 Jun 2015 Fantasy & Sci-Fi
1 4.00 2215

Bio: Just a guy with a thing for writing. I've written before, but took a lengthy vacation from it and am now back with new stories. Most of my writing tends to be longer, slower plot driven works with as ...
15 Jan 2014 BDSM
Erotic Poems
Love Poems
Wife Lovers
33 4.89 73227

18 Nov 2010 Lesbian
2 4.82 39229

30 Nov 2012 Gay Male
2 4.29 32689

10 May 2010 Gay Male
2 4.62 57113

Bio: I'm here to have fun. I like to chat. I like all the different peronalities here. I can be dominant or submissive or anywhere in between the two. I like sexy things. I like reading all these sexy stor...
04 Nov 2014 Erotic Poems
Fantasy & Sci-Fi
2 4.50 2001

Bio: Loving life and having fun. =)
12 Jul 2009 BDSM
Love Stories
Straight Sex
14 4.71 60457

Bio: The avatar is me taken while walking in the heart of the ancient Kingdom of Rheged.
I have been writing for about a year my work is a mix of erotic and simple storylines. Many of my stories hav...
05 Oct 2014 Cheating
First Time
Love Stories
Straight Sex
22 4.83 108154

30 Jul 2010 Love Poems
1 4.67 1415

Bio: Im a college student in the netherlands, love classic rock, do some occasional writing and live in a fantasy world
06 Aug 2011 Love Stories
1 5.00 1714

15 Dec 2009 Quickie Sex
1 4.67 8943

Bio: I'm a 24 year old male from Tampa. I have a gf and I'm not looking to meet up with anyone. This site has triggered various fantasies I never had. Feel free to message me.
11 Apr 2013 Voyeur
Wife Lovers
3 4.91 65490
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