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Bio: Lust, passion, desire. The instinctual feelings to satisfy a sexual need is absolutely captivating. I'm Rob, have read storys on lush for some time but now I've decided I'll try to contribute with a c...
27 Aug 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.86 9344

Bio: I have published the following kindle books on Amazon: BOOKS by ROBBIE WEBB

Jamie Gets Naked For You (Nude Picture Book) ~ Unthinkable: Story 1 ~ Unthinkable: Story 2 ~ Unthinkable: Sto...
26 May 2012 Gay Male
11 4.63 178665

Bio: Lover of the female form in all shapes and sizes, every women is beautiful ! in her own way
10 Nov 2014 Straight Sex
1 4.80 3985

Bio: I love music and sport! That's pretty much all you need to know about me! I'm 20, average height, skinny but with a bit of muscle, got long blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm pretty friendly and will cha...
09 Jan 2011 Crossdressing
Gay Male
Straight Sex
3 4.53 57573

29 May 2007 Novels
1 4.43 3244

24 Dec 2008 Love Stories
1 3.50 3552

Bio: I enjoy chat about anything, with all ages, all creeds, all colours.I am interested in differing people and cultures. I am fortunate to have travelled to several countries. Sexually I have enjoyed man...
15 Aug 2014 Erotic Poems
4 4.40 19288

19 Feb 2013 Oral Sex
Straight Sex
4 4.88 11600

Bio: Hello, I have been on the site for a month or so thought I should add something in the Bio. I am a 55 year old male and was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about 6 years ago. I am married to a wo...
19 Feb 2015 Love Poems
11 4.91 6597

Bio: Writing erotic stories is my hobby and I do it purely for fun. I like to receive feedback from readers so I can figure out what works and what doesn't.

My first thirty or so stories formed a ...
28 Jun 2013 Gay Male
13 4.79 137055

03 Dec 2013 Novels
1 4.08 3685

Bio: Former marine, recently home from iraq, sales manager for a mapping and logistics company, full custody of my daughter who is 6. Always looking for thick or bbw. Love writting about my life experience...
01 Jul 2009 Fetish
Oral Sex
4 4.27 69841

Bio: I like to write about the two beautiful women in my life. Four years in US Coast Guard, working as a Building Inspector Manager (i.e. Building Official)
07 May 2014 Seduction
Wife Lovers
28 4.96 166089

10 May 2011 Cheating
Straight Sex
7 4.85 65515

Bio: I’m a 5ft8 friendly guy who still has the sexual drive of a teenager. I love to have fun and e-meet like-minded people and that’s why I’m on Lush. Love reading stories and watching real people pics. I...
02 Jan 2012 Gay Male
2 4.88 41292

Bio: Hi just here for the dirty stories! I like to swap fantasies and true tales, although I don't really think many of them are naughty enough for this site. I'm game for chatting with women and swappin...
10 Nov 2011 BDSM
Group Sex
Straight Sex
7 4.50 50866

19 Aug 2009 Group Sex
Straight Sex
3 4.70 93166

Bio: The details of how I found my way to Lushstories are really not important, I'm just glad I did. So nice to read well thought out erotica by people willing to share their experiences, fantasies and ide...
09 Jul 2012 Lesbian
3 4.91 17507

30 Aug 2009 Taboo
2 4.22 80775

Bio: I have a partner (Liz), who I have been with for many years. Liz is a stunning lady, and although she always acted like a lady, she often found herself the subject of mens attention in her teens and t...
19 Feb 2011 Anal
First Time
Group Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
13 4.75 219354