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This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter S.

Author Joined Categories # Stories Avg Score # Views

14 Apr 2009 Voyeur
1 4.55 8778

12 Oct 2010 Group Sex
1 4.80 9895

09 Aug 2014 Lesbian
2 4.83 87431

Bio: I am fit, flirty, fun, 6ft, average build, smooth shaven all over. I have a very wicked sense of humour and love to be passionate with other people...using my body to excite and heighten both our sens...
28 Mar 2012 First Time
Oral Sex
6 4.76 36539

Bio: Love fucking fast and furious but no BDSM
Though I would love slow and deep thrusts too~
24 Oct 2014 Straight Sex
1 4.73 12259

23 Jan 2012 Straight Sex
1 4.70 3977

Bio: I am a nice person who happens to like reading and writing erotica. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the amount of genuinely nice people on here who you can have an intelligent conversation wi...
15 Feb 2009 BDSM
3 4.77 48702

Bio: I am just me a lover of women I always have been but I respect there thoughts and how they are .
They might be disgusted by the way I have subs and I respect that .
I will have lesbians or an...
15 Oct 2010 BDSM
2 4.50 16988

Bio: I seek a relationship with another human being, although an extraterrestrial would be interesting and unique, I'll just stick to a human for the time being. Unless of course I get to fly the spaceship...
25 Oct 2013 BDSM
Erotic Poems
Gay Male
Love Stories
Straight Sex
14 4.85 129165

29 Jan 2015 Voyeur
2 4.43 23052

Bio: I enjoy reading the erotic and sensual stories here. I'm a romantic kinda girl and I love to flirt and chat in the public rooms. Honesty, respect and trust are things I value in life. Honor that, ...
09 Jun 2013 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
Straight Sex
79 4.98 162427

Bio: Love wearing hot little short shorts. Sometimes with pantyhose and heels.
I also experiment with a little self bondage. My favorite pair of shorts are some leather "bondage" shorts.
02 May 2015 Gay Male
1 4.86 12680

14 Jul 2009 Love Poems
5 4.27 7844

Bio: slender, smooth, leggy, bi male cross dresser. have enjoyed wearing girls clothes since my teens and enjoy showing other guys how nice I look in them. was blessed with a nice figure, my little femini...
10 Jan 2015 Crossdressing
4 4.77 71000

Bio: I am single, 5'8" tall, nice set, nice ass, long waivy red hair, and long legs. I really lke it when a man looks up my dress and sees my kitty kat. I love sex and will be writing about some of the gre...
06 Nov 2007 Straight Sex
2 4.21 16040

02 Apr 2014 Straight Sex
1 4.75 9538

Bio: lay back, easy going read some stories, and meet friends online.
27 Apr 2013 Love Poems
2 4.75 1236

16 Apr 2007 First Time
Love Poems
4 3.89 26662

22 Aug 2012 Novels
1 5.00 2684

Bio: Name is Cheryl. I am Shunskitten from Youtube and Fanfiction, and also Cherylgebo from Deviantart. I want to dabble in erotica, and figured it would be fun to put some stories up.
22 May 2012 Gay Male
1 4.00 5605
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