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02 Mar 2012 Wife Lovers
1 4.66 77759

Bio: I'm Sam, I'm an art major. Nothing special. I'm really kinky and my kinks may not agree on some normal people. I write weird shit but in all honesty, I doubt I'll do anything I write in real life. I l...
30 Jul 2012 Supernatural
1 4.00 2694

Bio: Hey, Lush! I'm Sammi ♥ Feel free to chat/IM me or add me anytime! I love meeting new people and having fun ;D Ask me anything! I'm definitely not shy, nothing is off limits. Comment on my pics! I love...
22 Jun 2013 Taboo
1 4.81 36924

20 Jun 2012 Gay Male
1 4.72 139030

16 Jul 2012 First Time
Group Sex
2 3.97 10214

Bio: Like to read stories and write some. Open for chat. I think sex gets better with age, seems we really know what we want, and are open to new ideas. Never say you have done it all, because then ther...
17 Feb 2014 BDSM
Group Sex
3 4.70 49888

Bio: At the moment I'm just here to read stories and chat! If you want to know more then feel free to ask!
15 Mar 2011 First Time
Oral Sex
2 4.75 46112

11 Apr 2010 First Time
3 4.76 125331

Bio: I am a seriously straight sexual guy who enjoys sex and erotica to the extreme. I also enjoy serious conversation about this subject therefore if you are serious about sex talk to me. I have been read...
05 May 2012 Love Poems
Straight Sex
3 5.00 15457

Bio: What can I say? I'm fairly new to the Lush ranks but I'm loving everything about being on here. I love meeting new people and I'm open to chat about anything due to my horny nature. If you want to kno...
31 Dec 2013 Love Poems
1 4.67 701

Bio: After being here a year I think it is time to update my bio. I'm a fifties something woman who remains in good shape by working out, eating right and living by the motto that everything but sex is ok...
16 May 2015 Lesbian
Straight Sex
6 4.99 36053

Bio: I am a 65 year old, retired, Canadian Accountant. I've been a parent so long I must have developed a "daddy" fetish because since my wife passed I only date younger women (35 to 55). I have begun to w...
31 Aug 2016 Cheating
1 4.93 16214

11 Oct 2009 Love Poems
Love Stories
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
4 4.22 21156

Bio: I'm Emma, and I'm French. Divorced, lesbian, living on Jersey (Channel Islands), working as an office manager for a letterbox company. (Yeah, right, two desktop computers in the conservatory, with a v...
23 Sep 2015 Lesbian
2 4.86 17681

Bio: It's been FOREVER since I updated this! I've been a member of Lush for a long time now and I've had a fabulous time reading and sharing stories here. In my normal life I work in an office job that def...
13 Oct 2007 Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Flash Erotica
Love Poems
8 4.79 65956

Bio: I have been writing stories for years. Looking forward to exploring Exhibitionism and BDSMand writing about the experiences. Enjoy them and if you want to chat just message me.
28 Nov 2008 Exhibitionism
First Time
Group Sex
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
23 4.25 243345

27 Apr 2016 Cheating
1 5.00 19037

30 Jun 2012 Flash Erotica
1 5.00 3080

Bio: I found this place by happy accident over six years ago. I needed to find a place to write graphic sexual content. I love reading and writing about graphic sex.

I'm pretty down to earth and...
16 May 2010 Exhibitionism
First Time
Group Sex
Love Poems
Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
72 4.74 1055666

11 Jan 2011 Bisexual
2 4.58 26124
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