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This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter S.

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16 Apr 2013 Oral Sex
1 4.71 3749

05 Jan 2010 Anal
1 4.45 15364

Bio: I like to imagine that I am a renaissance man; however more like an eclectic fool. I enjoy good conversations, the pursuit game, being challenged, shared fruit of victory.

Live, breath, driv...
08 Aug 2012 Seduction
1 4.50 4912

Bio: Kinky, geeky, bi-curious, aspiring writer & photographer and fan of all things erotic. I'm an Englishman and a gentleman and a little shy, but don't let that fool you; I still have the desire (and equ...
01 Sep 2013 BDSM
First Time
4 4.67 52587

Bio: I am married and have a husband. (Maybe not for much longer) Please guys I am not here for you. Do not send me a request I will not accept. I am here for ladies to "CHAT" with . I have someone that i...
21 Apr 2015 Lesbian
1 4.98 15794

Bio: i'm the fun one.
07 Mar 2011 Incest
Quickie Sex
6 2.22 29639

22 Nov 2013 MILF
2 4.76 49819

Bio: Hi, i am sam, i have joined lush due to enjoying reading many stories i have read an when i get around to it may add some of my own. I am very out going and like to socialize and talk to new people.
26 Jun 2013 Straight Sex
2 4.30 10247

02 Mar 2012 Wife Lovers
1 4.67 97784

Bio: I'm Sam, I'm an art major. Nothing special. I'm really kinky and my kinks may not agree on some normal people. I write weird shit but in all honesty, I doubt I'll do anything I write in real life. I l...
30 Jul 2012 Supernatural
1 4.00 3046

Bio: Hey, Lush! I'm Sammi ♥ Feel free to chat/IM me or add me anytime! I love meeting new people and having fun ;D Ask me anything! I'm definitely not shy, nothing is off limits. Comment on my pics! I love...
22 Jun 2013 Taboo
1 4.83 39858

20 Jun 2012 Gay Male
1 4.73 199823

16 Jul 2012 First Time
Group Sex
2 3.97 10966

Bio: Like to read stories and write some. Open for chat. I think sex gets better with age, seems we really know what we want, and are open to new ideas. Never say you have done it all, because then ther...
17 Feb 2014 BDSM
Group Sex
3 4.65 58422

Bio: At the moment I'm just here to read stories and chat! If you want to know more then feel free to ask!
15 Mar 2011 First Time
Oral Sex
2 4.75 58057

11 Apr 2010 First Time
3 4.80 136053

Bio: I am a seriously straight sexual guy who enjoys sex and erotica to the extreme. I also enjoy serious conversation about this subject therefore if you are serious about sex talk to me. I have been read...
05 May 2012 Love Poems
Straight Sex
3 5.00 19555

Bio: Not much to tell, I started to look for stories online once I started a sexual relationship with my sisters.
17 Dec 2008 Incest
3 0.00 270

Bio: What can I say? I'm fairly new to the Lush ranks but I'm loving everything about being on here. I love meeting new people and I'm open to chat about anything due to my horny nature. If you want to kno...
31 Dec 2013 Love Poems
1 4.50 843

Bio: After being here a year I think it is time to update my bio. I'm a fifties something woman who remains in good shape by working out, eating right and living by the motto that everything but sex is ok...
16 May 2015 Lesbian
Straight Sex
6 5.00 41403
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