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Bio: I am a woman who knows what she likes. Who wants it all. Love to be fun and have fun. As for the stories I like to write.......diverse......girl on girl.....girl on guy......girl dominating either or ...
07 Feb 2013 Group Sex
1 5.00 6717

Bio: i am me to me to find out sure i can be a part of your desires...main thing is be exactly as you'd like to be
27 Jul 2009 Love Poems
Love Stories
2 4.42 3508

24 Mar 2010 Spanking
5 4.80 42744

Bio: I'm a tall, male, 42 years old, single. I enjoying writing stories about bondage scenarios. Scenarios, I have to experience myself. I get pleasure out of others reading and enjoying my stories.
03 Apr 2013 BDSM
1 4.31 10790

Bio: I am a submissive with a Daddy of my own. Some of the stories will be mine and some will be His. Then some of the stories will be written by both of us. Mostly it will be BDSM stories but we do ...
17 Nov 2011 BDSM
7 4.84 62999

Bio: I am a student and enjoy reading and writing. One day I would love be a professional writer. If anyone would like to talk to me feel free to message me. Hope you enjoy my little stories as much as I e...
25 Nov 2008 Novels
2 4.69 7226

03 Jan 2015 Masturbation
1 5.00 4007

04 Jan 2014 Hardcore
1 4.00 8896

02 Feb 2012 Oral Sex
1 4.18 7379

12 Jun 2013 Reluctance
2 4.68 63894

Bio: Thunder rolled and darkness thickened. Lightning ripped the sky and through the hole fell a star. Flaming, it crashed to the ground in an orgy of smoke and destruction. And from that chaos there ro...
06 Oct 2014 Cheating
Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Office Sex
Straight Sex
12 4.84 117884

03 Nov 2012 Love Poems
Quickie Sex
2 5.00 3554

05 Oct 2009 MILF
2 4.66 63527

Bio: Well, my name is Lexsie. I'm currently single. Open to anything. No webcam though.
09 Feb 2011 Lesbian
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
7 4.53 171532

05 Dec 2010 Straight Sex
1 5.00 4534

13 Apr 2010 Masturbation
Quickie Sex
2 4.82 25876

28 Jun 2013 Exhibitionism
1 4.62 5936

Bio: Happily married. A vivid imagination and a strong urge to read and write about hot wives who take lovers, with or without their husband's knowledge or consent. If they take a lover as part of an agre...
12 Aug 2008 Interracial
Wife Lovers
14 4.58 156102

13 Jan 2014 Straight Sex
1 4.78 13464

Bio: Oral sex is king of a hobby/obsession (sometimes compulsion) for me. Everything about it to me is a massive turn on, the taste, smell, feel, warmth; just everything about it. I honestly can't tell you...
29 Mar 2014 Cheating
Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.93 61798