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This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter T.

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25 Sep 2011 Love Stories
Straight Sex
2 4.75 10657

20 Aug 2014 Cheating
1 4.79 32767

Bio: Hmm, about me.. always a tricky one to fill out, nothing like a first impression. Let's see, I'm your average 22 year old English guy, currently at university studying computer science. I'd say I'm th...
28 Apr 2010 First Time
2 4.78 54798

Bio: Black, queer, geeky, activist, fetishist with an insatiable curiosity and a hedonist's worldview.

I write very kinky stories for very dirty readers. Some of my big focuses are interracial, ki...
13 Nov 2015 Cuckold
Oral Sex
3 4.92 42396

Bio: I am looking for women to share sexy fantasies and chat. I am dominant and like to take charge, however I really enjoy role playing so nothing much is out of bounds for me. I have a vivid imaginati...
07 Jul 2010 First Time
1 4.33 12395

Bio: I'm cold- hearted and evil.
Far as I can tell I'm the youngest one around.
I'm not looking for extra attention, I just wanna blend in and be a shy part of this.
I love reading and writing....
30 Aug 2012 Incest
Straight Sex
2 2.25 5057

Bio: I'm a firm believer in Common Sense. Use it. Don't abuse it.

DO NOT expect me to write a typical romantic love story. It's not my style. I'm a walking, talking contradiction. I'm outrageous a...
19 Jul 2011 Anal
Group Sex
Quickie Sex
12 4.87 199037

21 Mar 2013 Hardcore
1 4.75 14974

18 Nov 2015 Novels
3 4.89 8825

30 May 2012 Spanking
1 4.50 6476

Bio: I'm almost 21. I've been writing stories for many years but have just recently taken to writing out my deepest sexual fantasies out. I love fantasy and non-human sexual situations. I am a witch, no co...
10 Jul 2013 Supernatural
1 3.00 4804

28 Jun 2014 Straight Sex
1 5.00 9906

Bio: Lived in Michigan my entire life. Work as a consultant. For the most part I lead a very boring life, at least that's what I let people think.
13 Aug 2011 Incest
1 0.00 35

Bio: If you actually take the time to check out some of my work, you will understand my username. Gambit has been my hero since I was a kid. Born in Ireland, raised in London, and basically spent the bette...
23 Jan 2010 Love Poems
1 4.00 1259

04 May 2012 Straight Sex
1 4.89 14746

08 Dec 2010 Straight Sex
1 4.38 33863

16 Mar 2015 Oral Sex
1 5.00 5335

Bio: Semiretired electronics engineer who grew up in 1960's and 70's Michigan, Musician (guitar mostly) and singer, who worked my way through college playing rock full time in club bands, now living in sou...
02 Jan 2011 Anal
Love Stories
Straight Sex
16 4.51 501055

17 Oct 2012 Exhibitionism
1 4.33 8481

Bio: I've known I was a lesbian since before I knew what the word meant. I don't do chaps, so PLEASE don't ask.

Lush is a place of narratives, dreams and stories, which change across time. At the ...
02 Jul 2017 Flash Erotica
Love Poems
Love Stories
47 4.92 112954
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