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12 Jul 2013 Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
9 4.58 42905

Bio: Married woman in her thirties. Always liked the stories, so I thought I'd register and maybe try my hand at giving back. I find that I'm getting more exploratory as I get older, and my libido has in...
24 Dec 2013 Cuckold
Quickie Sex
Wife Lovers
7 4.90 103711

Bio: I will feminize you and train you to become my live in maid.You will wear only the pretty things I pick out for you and go to the salon with me weekly And when you need to be put over my knee and span...
09 Dec 2008 Crossdressing
4 4.53 162154

Bio: well If you want to know about me just ask, I am more than willing to answer questions.
03 Mar 2011 Love Poems
Love Stories
2 4.88 4788

09 Oct 2011 Oral Sex
1 5.00 3270

Bio: Pantyhose wearing bi guy. I've been wearing pantyhose for years, more recently discovered my bi side.
25 Jan 2014 Gay Male
4 4.80 36914

20 Sep 2015 Bisexual
5 4.96 55124

Bio: Hiya folks. Name's Terry and there isn't really much to tell. Turned 22 last month on the 29th, love music, love to sing, and I play the trumpet, mellophone, baritone, and tuba (total bandgeek). I'm s...
04 Oct 2010 Straight Sex
1 4.67 9996

15 Dec 2010 Straight Sex
1 4.75 11286

28 Apr 2012 BDSM
Group Sex
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
9 4.75 81894

Bio: This is my second time around on Lush. When I stumbled upon it the first time, I was like a kid in a candy store and lost myself for hours on here. Now I'm busier and I don't have as much free time bu...
11 Aug 2016 Straight Sex
1 5.00 4424

Bio: Just wanting to share my stories.
16 Nov 2015 Love Stories
3 4.91 6769

Bio: What can I say..?.. generally a fun fella. Texas boy born & bred & yeah - I am very well aware that THAT doesn't mean a whole helluva lot to many of you! Hahaha! No worries though, I stay pretty laid ...
23 Nov 2010 Exhibitionism
1 4.63 6087

Bio: I am a very happy open minded male comfortable with who I am and with great expectations as to what the rest of my life holds in store for me.

I am not into role playing but I do enjoy fra...
17 Dec 2010 First Time
1 4.45 15749

12 Jan 2013 Anal
Wife Lovers
5 4.85 38082

04 Dec 2012 Hardcore
Straight Sex
5 4.72 141855

21 Feb 2009 Love Poems
2 2.15 16053

29 May 2012 Gay Male
2 4.89 37874

14 Oct 2010 Spanking
Wife Lovers
3 4.74 59729

Bio: Hey I'm Tezza. I am pretty new to this and however,, I am still planning on to writing stories. So when my stories are up and ready to enjoy,, please read them xD.. and don't forget to leave comments ...
30 Apr 2009 Wife Lovers
1 3.69 33825
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