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08 Jan 2012 Masturbation
Straight Sex
3 4.44 38709

31 Aug 2007 Gay Male
5 4.36 75394

Bio: yes, that's me in the pic. m/f college couple in GA into lots of kinky fun stuff- public sex/exhib/voy/group/gang/ and more. My bf is quite the voyeur and loves watching me with other guys. Our stor...
19 Nov 2011 Anal
First Time
Group Sex
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
8 4.85 137017

13 Aug 2012 Straight Sex
1 5.00 2059

Bio: Hi I'm James and I'm an author here on lush (admittedly a heavily distracted one, at that).

So far I've had two stories published and intend on writing more in the future. I originally came h...
02 Jul 2015 Cheating
College Sex
2 4.87 29777

Bio: I'm all about fantasy! My 'thing' is 'One girl - more than one cock' I have never seen this in the flesh. My ultimate fantasy is watching my wife servicing a room full of men with bigger dicks than...
20 Jul 2009 Group Sex
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
9 4.72 368211

04 Aug 2013 Voyeur
1 4.43 19479

Bio: I'm just someone with too much time on their hands.
18 Sep 2008 Exhibitionism
1 4.45 11221

Bio: Male, 46, currently living and working in Spain.
Never shared my stories publicly like this, so any advice and comments will be more than welcome !
15 Jul 2012 Fetish
Quickie Sex
6 4.75 57121

Bio: I dream our touching and your return of this spark for like and want. The mingling of our breath that forms a wave as our clothes fall and rumple…unwrapping, exposing. I dream of our lips and curling ...
02 Dec 2012 First Time
1 4.33 4422

22 Sep 2015 Straight Sex
1 4.75 9507

19 Jul 2013 First Time
1 0.00 4725

19 Jul 2011 Straight Sex
3 4.87 9388

Bio: I am a married man... not looking for a relationship or anything. I am just looking for an outlet to express my interest in erotic stories and exciting sex
20 Oct 2013 Anal
First Time
2 4.17 29364

16 Sep 2011 First Time
3 4.17 46471

20 Feb 2013 Hardcore
Straight Sex
2 4.88 24604

Bio: Hey. I'm a musician, mainly drums and bass. I've been in a few bands, one even has a few cds on itunes. After my latest band broke up I decided to follow my other dream. I recently got certified t...
04 Jan 2010 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
3 4.70 80324

Bio: Stumbled upon Lush by accident and so far enjoying every moment of it. Mostly here to read stories and keep in touch with the wonderful friends I made here. A poet, an occasional participant in forums...
07 May 2011 Humor
Love Poems
11 4.91 22374

Bio: Married with Children.....and a job. I read a little, might write a little. Just escaping reality one page at a time. No major trauma on the home front; however, my private activities here are very pr...
04 May 2011 MILF
1 4.78 11238

14 Apr 2009 Group Sex
1 4.53 8626
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