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This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter A.

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07 Apr 2013 Oral Sex
1 4.67 7089

Bio: *If you want to be friends, at least try to be civilized and send me a message instead of just inviting me. Seriously, if I don't get to know you, you might as well leave me alone.*
07 Feb 2012 Straight Sex
3 4.96 14599

Bio: My name is Amy and welcome to my little corner of the Lush world. Twice divorced working mom, sharing my life with my loving partner. She does not share my Lush life and we'll just leave it at that. The avatar is not me. I do have pictures, but they are for friends only....
20 Feb 2014 Love Poems
2 4.98 1162

Bio: Hello I'm Amy. I'm a bit of a closet freak and enjoy sex very much. I am a submissive with a Master. My Master has allowed me to write, share stories and enjoy this site.
23 Jul 2012 Oral Sex
1 4.43 4966

Bio: After being away from lush for almost a year I'm happy to say I'm back! Not much has changed, I'm still a horny bisexual girl with a curvy body looking...
11 Jul 2012 Lesbian
Straight Sex
3 4.59 59344

Bio: my negatives:
impatient and possessive
my positives:
to be found out by the ones that are not put off by my negatives...

Somehow I have a talent to pick assholes
19 Nov 2013 Love Poems
2 4.77 1458

Bio: Please note: Though in Welcome Back the character is depicted as seventeen-years-old the writers of this story are both of age. Thanks!
13 Jan 2010 Quickie Sex
1 4.80 5733

03 Oct 2012 BDSM
Group Sex
3 4.79 75841

01 Oct 2014 Love Stories
1 4.50 4047

Bio: Happily married couple early 40's - looking to spice things up a little or a lot ;-) Both going to add a story to this account and the one that gets the highest scoring story will get to set a real fa...
23 Dec 2011 Wife Lovers
1 4.90 11727

04 Jul 2012 Straight Sex
1 4.77 4579

10 May 2009 Anal
1 4.22 55617

Bio: Analise Scott saw her first naked body on page 114 of a 1973 copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves tucked away on a bookshelf in her parents' basement. While her first thought was "How did that woman's nipple...
14 Aug 2014 Straight Sex
1 5.00 3567

02 Jan 2012 Anal
2 4.67 57474

09 Jun 2009 Anal
1 4.27 14957

02 Jan 2011 Gay Male
1 3.61 44289

Bio: Hello everyone...I am a voluptuous, sexy woman who loves to chat and enjoy talking to beautiful woman and older men. I love to talk but i wont cam...not even a question. My pictures are real and they ...
05 Dec 2008 Anal
Quickie Sex
6 4.27 96725

Bio: I'm an erotic story writer and an entrepeneur. My biggest dream is to have one of the hottest eBook novels out there.
24 Mar 2010 Anal
Love Poems
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
9 4.04 54183

Bio: Au Natural Couple, Lush do not allow a couples option when registering a profile, but we generally visit as a couple.
Whenever on holiday we always seek out the nudist beach and shed our clothing...
31 Oct 2012 Group Sex
3 4.70 32332

Bio: Canadian girl-next-door, author, blogger, MILF, flirt, office distraction, Southern Charms model, sexual adventurer, voyeur & source of Secret Girl Knowledge...(and yes, that really is me in the photo...
07 Mar 2013 Group Sex
Wife Lovers
13 4.92 143979