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Bio: Hello! Thank you for visiting my page!

My name is Andrea Kelly. I am 28 and single.

I was on Lush for over three years, then left for about nine months, and am now back! I am here t...
26 Mar 2018 Love Stories
1 4.50 1686

08 Feb 2013 Straight Sex
4 4.62 19287

03 Mar 2016 Gay Male
13 4.67 72348

31 Aug 2013 Reluctance
1 4.84 33993

Bio: Hi, i'm a 40ish bi-curious closet tv in the uk. I enjoy erotic stories, e-mails and chat
21 Dec 2008 Trans
1 4.85 18007

Bio: 41 year old musician and educator. 6'4", 195, athletic, runner and cycler. I don't mind whispers, everything does not need to be public. I will talk to anyone, male or female as long as you are respe...
29 Sep 2014 Straight Sex
1 4.86 3498

Bio: I've been watching porn for about 8 years. I've always loved the fact that WOMEN watch porn. If there are any women here who are porn addicts or fanatics, please add me so we can talk about porn and s...
01 May 2013 Taboo
1 3.67 10271

Bio: Hi! I'm usually kinda laid back but sometimes get pretty crazy. Good crazy. Up until I was 20 or so I was a regular sort of lover and boy friend but then a few crazy things happened. I discovered a lo...
30 Sep 2015 Bisexual
5 4.89 57396

31 Oct 2012 Incest
1 5.00 876

Bio: Wannabe writer. I thought tapping into my perverted side might motivate me to get some writing done. Please comment on my stories.
19 Sep 2012 Incest
2 0.00 303

06 Sep 2010 BDSM
Love Poems
Love Stories
10 4.76 33412

10 Dec 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.62 9477

Bio: Anfernee focusses mainly on African American and Latino characters, in an urban setting. Check his homepage at
18 Aug 2007 Gay Male
3 4.47 41830

22 Aug 2009 First Time
1 4.22 13660

08 Mar 2010 Straight Sex
5 4.72 33869

Bio: Born in Mousehole in UK, I now live in Australia with two wonderful children
28 Jun 2008 Incest
1 5.00 639

Bio: I have a bf that I have been with for a few years. And then I met this older man and we just connected. We hooked up and see each other about 1-2 a month. He really made me discover new things abou...
31 Mar 2017 Cheating
Group Sex
Oral Sex
4 4.89 87722

Bio: I am 18 and have been reading stories from this site for quite a while now. I first came across it when I was searching for masturbation stories and now read the site very often. I have now joined the...
27 Feb 2010 First Time
2 4.54 61150

Bio: ive been reading stories on lush for a while now; just now made an account; i will go onto msn; but i dont cam ?we can just chat on lush if you like. im into many stories, of all kinds ask me! bi , l...
29 May 2011 Masturbation
1 4.71 47919

07 Apr 2015 Flash Erotica
1 4.67 8098
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