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Bio: I'm just a freshman college student who reads/writes erotica as a hobby.
20 Jun 2016 Erotic Poems
Love Stories
3 5.00 3933

17 Aug 2017 Love Stories
3 4.89 9586

Bio: Well, new to Lush, but love reading erotica. Been doing THAT for a long time. Working on a story of my own. I prefer to remain anonymous, but I'm in decent shape and fairly good looking. I believe the...
14 Jan 2013 Wife Lovers
3 4.94 21366

Bio: I write sex stories about men enjoying themselves and enjoying each other. I like longer stories best, so if you're looking for a slow burn with psychological depth and immersive detail, I'm your guy....
09 Oct 2017 Gay Male
3 4.83 14754

Bio: Very obedient baby girl that loves to play with a good Daddy. I am very happily married, and yes, my RL Daddy Dom is aware of, and approves of, my activities online. I am very sensual...everything can...
14 Jan 2011 Masturbation
Straight Sex
3 4.85 26596

Bio: Been on a couple months, really enjoy Lush. I've written a couple stories and have gotten great reviews. Those that read my work and voted, thank you. About my screen name......I guess it's good th...
14 Jul 2017 Cheating
Group Sex
Straight Sex
3 4.93 18672

Bio: I'm not sure what happiness means. But I look in your eyes and I know it isn't there.
10 Sep 2017 Interracial
Love Stories
Straight Sex
3 4.96 14848

Bio: I am a happily married woman, who loves sex. I do not play around behind my husbands back, so don't ask, but I do love to be watched when he fucks me.
12 Aug 2017 Exhibitionism
3 4.93 23510

Bio: Married and living in Tacoma, WA with my two sons and stepson. Husband Erick is in the Air Force. Just started driving for Uber and loving it. Also love to cycle, hike and workout. Love writing about...
28 Oct 2015 Cuckold
Group Sex
3 4.95 86157

24 Oct 2014 Gay Male
3 4.76 47675

Bio: Hellloooo Evvveryyboddy!! (just imagine it being said in Dr. Nick's (The Simpsons) tone) I absolutely love this site. I was amazed at the amount of wonderful content available... and all for free. S...
03 Dec 2010 Spanking
3 4.04 38342

08 Aug 2014 Exhibitionism
3 4.75 31118

Bio: A sensual and naughty mind wrapped into a curvy lady.

I am a voyeur. I love to watch, read and write a story to tantalize and seduce. I love to write stories just about anything. It real...
27 Sep 2017 Fetish
First Time
Group Sex
3 4.88 30769

Bio: First things first: I adore writing. It's the thing I love more and I would love to turn this passion into a work as well. Fingers crossed for me. I am a passionate girl, with big dreams, I love meeti...
29 Mar 2017 Love Poems
3 4.94 1198

Bio: My name's Danniella and my nickname is Deedee. I like to write fiction stories especially about incest. I really don't like men or women that keeps forcing me to have a live chat with them because i d...
08 Apr 2011 Incest
1 0.00 16

Bio: Have been around awhile, under a different name previously. Was the original guy posed for the red/white avatar and a bit miffed about all the copycats. LOL. Was requested that I fill this out - do...
21 Feb 2011 Straight Sex
3 4.83 20460

Bio: I'm from Southern Georgia. I'm a graduate of the best school in the whole US of A, my beloved UGA! Go 'Dawgs! Now I'm living in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm a law school student at Emory University.

05 Feb 2015 Erotic Poems
3 5.00 4301

07 Dec 2006 Incest
2 0.00 52

Bio: i love sex! i like to have BDSM, group and bi and love to roleplay so dnt be afraid to chat!!! i am also a Bi!!
16 Jul 2010 BDSM
Group Sex
Straight Sex
3 4.21 34340

Bio: I'll likely be writing a lot of farm stories since that's where I am. My passion is to write a book one day about a life experience that is very important to me...sorry readers, it's not porn. I en...
23 Jul 2010 Mature
3 4.79 31115
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