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Bio: Free fun monger basically here to have fun with any one looking for it specifically a ladies man. I love fantasy reality sucks at times
20 Oct 2012 Incest
Office Sex
4 3.55 77327

Bio: I am a nudist, a swinger, a voyeur, and an exhibitionist. I have never had a real life homosexual experience, but I have had powerful bisexual fantasies. To many this would make me a pervert. The ...
22 Jun 2015 Group Sex
3 4.69 28913

04 May 2017 Money
3 4.29 15472

Bio: I am 48, single and never married, but I've had many wives. I'm a nudist and I am Lifestyle so I have a million stories and they are all true. I was in porn from 2000 - 2014, but my personal life is m...
26 Sep 2017 Love Stories
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
3 4.33 11438

Bio: Bio Update 1-8-18
Hello, and Welcome to my page. On this page, you will find the Writer, Reader, Gamer and Chatter known as Master_Dragon883

To all you keyboard tough guys, you waste your time coming on my page and sending me curse laden inboxes about how much of an asshole I am or how bad you're going to kick my ass. We both know you're not going to step from behind your keyboard and come at me so don't even waste your time or mine with your Bullshit...
08 May 2013 BDSM
3 4.94 10809

Bio: Hi, I'm Lyn, 26, single, relocated for my first position after University. I work in Financial Management and sometimes work from home, so sometimes online during the day.

I enjoy posting...
04 Nov 2014 Flash Erotica
3 4.76 13724

Bio: I'm just a freshman college student who reads/writes erotica as a hobby.
20 Jun 2016 Erotic Poems
Love Stories
3 5.00 4424

Bio: I am engineer by day, but I enjoy writing which usually surprises people because they assume engineers aren't creative. I enjoy reading just about anything that catches my attention and allows me to u...
25 Dec 2012 Interracial
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
3 4.82 70146

Bio: I'm a lover of the feminine . I'm amazed at the range of their emotions and the love they can give. I do have a big heart and lots of love to give to women only.
Being kind and respectful doesnt...
03 Dec 2012 Group Sex
Love Poems
Love Stories
3 4.78 12101

17 Aug 2017 Love Stories
3 4.89 11303

Bio: I am an author and sometime actor living in Los Angeles. I was first introduced to erotic fiction during an idle summer break between the seventh and eighth grades, in an era before the Internet and e...
31 Aug 2017 Interracial
3 4.82 19091

Bio: Very obedient baby girl that loves to play with a good Daddy. I am very happily married, and yes, my RL Daddy Dom is aware of, and approves of, my activities online. I am very sensual...everything can...
14 Jan 2011 Masturbation
Straight Sex
3 4.84 27775

Bio: If you are racist, sexist, homophobic or an asshole, shame on you and pass me by.
I am a bit of a mix, as most people are. I consider myself an introvert who is cautious, ambiguous and candid, de...
18 Mar 2013 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
3 4.89 2015

Bio: Happily married man in my late 50s, and built to stay that way. Here for the erotic imagination and to absorb the stimulating energy.
16 Jul 2016 College Sex
3 4.91 16814

Bio: Married and living in Tacoma, WA with my two sons and stepson. Husband Erick is in the Air Force. Just started driving for Uber and loving it. Also love to cycle, hike and workout. Love writing about...
28 Oct 2015 Cuckold
Group Sex
3 4.95 92412

Bio: I like most people did not know what to put here, so if at the end of reading this you still want to chat, come find me.

I believe in "Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it ...
12 Nov 2016 Love Poems
3 4.95 2827

27 Sep 2017 Taboo
3 4.67 27629

12 Nov 2017 Cheating
3 4.79 18737

24 Oct 2014 Gay Male
3 4.76 48028

Bio: Hellloooo Evvveryyboddy!! (just imagine it being said in Dr. Nick's (The Simpsons) tone) I absolutely love this site. I was amazed at the amount of wonderful content available... and all for free. S...
03 Dec 2010 Spanking
3 4.04 38841
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