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23 Apr 2013 Spanking
3 4.91 33712

26 Apr 2013 Group Sex
3 4.43 56347

Bio: I'm on here because I'm what I like to call a romantic pervert. Lol. In my real life, I want my wife and only my wife, but I have a variety of fantasies that exist in my mind and I like to hear abou...
26 Apr 2013 Taboo
3 4.83 41412

Bio: A writer couple always giving new things a whirl. Can you guess which parts were written by Andre and which are by Suzette?
03 May 2013 Group Sex
Oral Sex
3 4.85 28517

Bio: Bio Update 1-8-18
Hello, and Welcome to my page. On this page, you will find the Writer, Reader, Gamer and Chatter known as Master_Dragon883

To all you keyboard tough guys, you waste your time coming on my page and sending me curse laden inboxes about how much of an asshole I am or how bad you're going to kick my ass. We both know you're not going to step from behind your keyboard and come at me so don't even waste your time or mine with your Bullshit...
08 May 2013 BDSM
3 4.93 11161

Bio: I'm a young guy with a passion for writing, both erotic and not so erotic. I think all writing deserves to be read, so I'm here to enjoy some stories and hopefully give others the same pleasure.
11 May 2013 Exhibitionism
4 3.66 50278

Bio: Just here to share a few fantasies with people who would enjoy.
12 May 2013 Straight Sex
3 4.86 21462

Bio: I am senior in high school and... let's just say I like to have fun
19 May 2013 Taboo
3 4.74 78800

22 May 2013 Lesbian
Quickie Sex
3 4.65 43946

Bio: I am a feisty Goddess who loves to seduce and entice men and women through the written word. I cannot be tamed, so don't even try. My master is Gentwithhandcuffs and no other...
25 May 2013 BDSM
Group Sex
Love Stories
3 4.92 23670

04 Jun 2013 BDSM
3 4.83 42345

05 Jun 2013 Group Sex
Love Stories
Wife Lovers
3 5.00 13014

Bio: A couple who research and write erotic stories, research is definitely the fun part!
07 Jun 2013 Straight Sex
3 5.00 12128

07 Jun 2013 Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
3 4.10 27919

Bio: I am Mary. I am a 20 year old college student. I am currently single. I am a bisexual woman. My last relationship was with a woman. I enjoy men as well. I am obviously a BBW and I am unapologetic abou...
08 Jun 2013 Incest
3 0.00 678

17 Jun 2013 Love Poems
3 4.73 3633

Bio: ;]
01 Jul 2013 Love Poems
Straight Sex
3 4.91 41193

02 Jul 2013 Crossdressing
3 4.77 23395

Bio: I have been enjoying erotic stories for years now and have always wanted to do some writing. I figure this way I get to use my creative side and others get to enjoy my stories. Although the girls in t...
03 Jul 2013 Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
3 4.74 26788

Bio: I might stay, i might leave. i don't know at the moment.
09 Jul 2013 Straight Sex
3 4.78 16883
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