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This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter A.This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, ordered by the ones with the greatest number of published stories.

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28 Jul 2009 First Time
Straight Sex
2 4.88 30449

28 Jul 2009 First Time
2 4.29 11622

Bio: I'm a single mother and a writer of off-the-wall kink based on BDSM, fetish and extreme kink.
30 Jul 2009 Fetish
2 3.89 15029

Bio: Hi I am Joe from NY but you can call me J. I am Italian and in my early 30’s and yes that is me in the AV. You may or may not like what you see but oh well. Thank you to those who do like ...
29 Apr 2009 Love Stories
Straight Sex
2 4.80 8684

Bio: Hey my name is Anna & I'm in my twenties. I love all kinds of sports, but particularly enjoy playing volleyball, dancing and running. Being in university is such a stress for me, and I find Lush is th...
18 Apr 2012 Lesbian
2 4.79 58180

30 Mar 2009 Exhibitionism
2 4.16 26117

21 Apr 2014 Bisexual
2 4.92 10979

Bio: very promiscuous latino voluptuous type and petite height cross dresser, and i love wearing thong panties, the only underwear i will ever wear. i love dressing up like a girl in private or on special ...
04 Aug 2009 Crossdressing
2 4.82 95627

05 Aug 2009 Lesbian
2 4.22 31307

Bio: So I have a Jamaican background(Born and raised in Canada though). I don't really know what else to write I'm out going and fun ( I like to think that ) I like making people laugh and enjoy themselve...
08 Aug 2009 First Time
Love Poems
2 4.46 10345

11 Aug 2009 Exhibitionism
Love Poems
2 2.00 7625

13 Aug 2009 Group Sex
2 4.61 17139

Bio: I'm a very dark individual in some of the aspects of my life. I have been maried for 1yr and 3mos and I can not tell my wife about some of the things that turn me on. I write erotica as an escape fro...
15 Aug 2009 Masturbation
Straight Sex
2 4.21 21677

16 Aug 2009 Crossdressing
2 4.69 55252

Bio: Writer and Wiccan. A Lover of the Femme. I write Lesbian Erotica, based on ancient mythology. My research has taken me from the land of the Nile to Sumeria and Ancient Greece. I have been to places o...
12 Sep 2014 Lesbian
2 4.88 7382

30 Aug 2009 Exhibitionism
2 3.89 44791

Bio: To date, my collection of stories form a set that traces the sexual awakening of an innocent through to maturity. Of particular interest to me, is the means by which sexual preferences and fetishes be...
24 Sep 2009 First Time
2 4.60 15865

23 Jun 2011 First Time
2 4.62 34405

04 Oct 2009 Interracial
2 4.64 12501

Bio: Any kind of storywriting.
12 Oct 2009 Reluctance
Straight Sex
2 4.00 51697