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Bio: Friendly nerd who likes to share some of his fantasies here.
Also an inexperienced bi, bottom.

Atheist, feminist and social liberal.
04 Jul 2013 Bisexual
2 4.86 19337

Bio: Some people say I look like the picture in my avatar, just not as interesting. But I have been married a couple of times to some beautiful sexy women. Life with them was always a sexual adventure. I ...
11 May 2014 Wife Lovers
2 4.54 46732

Bio: All of my stories will be in first person, so you can imagine them actually happening to me. Some will be real experiences; I'll note that if it's the case. I also accept writing topic requests.
26 May 2015 Cuckold
2 4.63 25923

Bio: I have a huge sex organ: My brain! Recently kicked my cheating wife out, so I'm single again after 26 yrs of marriage. Its a whole new world out there, where or how to begin?

I like conversa...
21 Oct 2013 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
2 3.85 11499

23 Dec 2013 Voyeur
Wife Lovers
2 4.96 16542

Bio: i'm a forties something woman who has begun to live her life vicariously through her fantasies and writing. I have found that writing helps me deal with work, stress and life in general. I joined lu...
16 May 2015 Seduction
Straight Sex
2 4.94 9303

Bio: Frank Noir is a pornographic author of Scandinavian descent, currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.
His writings have appeared in print and online under various pseudonyms.
The stori...
28 Jul 2015 Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
2 4.83 17568

06 Feb 2014 Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
2 4.93 50185

16 Jul 2012 Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
2 4.81 12690

25 Jun 2014 Cheating
2 4.04 33086

Bio: i am...

an introvert, who fantasizes about being the belle of the ball. a vixen, who lives as her mild-mannered alter ego. a heroine, who is sometimes morphed into a damsel. a dreamer,...
16 Aug 2009 Erotic Poems
2 5.00 941

23 Aug 2015 Seduction
2 2.50 2069

Bio: SWAG is my MASTER, my DADDY, my FRIEND and my LOVER. He owns me completely heart and soul. Respect what we have. Don't expect a relationship beyond friends because my Daddy takes care of his Babygirl.
04 Sep 2014 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
2 5.00 1256

04 Oct 2014 Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
2 4.70 16063

Bio: A very imaginative guy
30 Aug 2014 Anal
Group Sex
2 4.70 38515

Bio: My name is Andrea. My friends call me Andi. I am 26, single and bi-sexual.

I learned of my equal interest in girls when I was sixteen and fell in love with one of my best girlfriends. We bot...
18 Jan 2015 Bisexual
2 4.83 9415

03 May 2007 Group Sex
2 4.84 44958

14 Oct 2007 Voyeur
2 4.68 69976

14 Nov 2007 Love Poems
2 3.90 6247

02 Jan 2007 Exhibitionism
2 4.32 40431