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Bio: "In order to love who you are,
you cannot hate the experiences
that shaped you."

Andrea Dykstra

Eros will have naked bodies;
Friendship naked personalities.
06 Dec 2011 Love Poems
Wife Lovers
2 4.99 22132

Bio: I am still a student and will be for a couple more years. I don't really chat with guys so I would appreciate it if you didn't ask. I have written a couple of stories, but I need to review them sinc...
26 Jul 2014 Lesbian
2 4.92 10923

25 Jan 2015 BDSM
2 4.86 15118

Bio: Leigh Jarrett is an unabashedly queer, quirky, and passionate author of LGBTQ Romantic Fiction.

Please consider joining Leigh's mailing list:
28 Jan 2012 Gay Male
2 5.00 161225

Bio: in college, love sports. baseball, football, hockey. love to read.
01 Jul 2011 Anal
Straight Sex
2 4.24 63279

31 May 2013 Anal
Love Poems
2 4.42 10858

Bio: Writer. Traveler. Sex Tourist.

I long for making the connection that others deem so certain in life. Have patience, one day you'll meet the perfect person, with undying confidence that the qu...
24 Jan 2018 Lesbian
Oral Sex
2 2.50 4104

Bio: Enjoy reading stories about CDs, bi-curious men, transgendered, etc. My profile image is not me, but I love these types of outfits. Short, loose skirts, long stockings, etc.
18 Jun 2013 Crossdressing
2 4.84 40246

Bio: Just on my journey
living and learning
looking to reconnect since I left in 2013 one never knows where ones journey will take you and friends made along the way I'm on the "blue" check out m...
27 Dec 2017 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
2 5.00 801

Bio: Roll up! Roll up!

Welcome to the finest profile in town. If you have a preference for the sexually taboo, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look around. I’m sure you won’t be disappointe...
01 Feb 2018 Incest
Wife Lovers
2 4.64 11297

Bio: I am 60, married close to 30 years. Wife and I have always been open about sex and have been involved in a lot of different scenatios over the years - 3 sums, group sex, etc. , both together and alone...
03 Feb 2013 Bisexual
Group Sex
5 4.84 56723

Bio: Thirty one, works in publishing, likes writing too. Lesbian. NOT interested in men. Do check out my stories.
18 Feb 2018 Flash Erotica
2 4.93 1649

27 Dec 2006 Incest
2 0.00 192

Bio: I'm Jamie, I'm an 18 year old Caucasian Female living in the outskirts of Los Angeles, CA. I am a United States Navy sailor. I am currently an AM. We mainly work on the hydraulics systems on the plane...
29 Jun 2010 First Time
Oral Sex
2 4.41 19137

Bio: A friendly, polite Southern gentleman, uprooted from his home turf and replanted in California. Tall, thin, with thick brown hair (now flecked with grey), blue eyes, pale skin, glasses. A snappy dress...
12 Jul 2010 Incest
21 0.47 55399

Bio: Love erotic literature. The written word can conjure more intense images and feelings than any explicit movie. Love to write about about intense encounters, romantic interludes, and people just gett...
16 Jul 2010 Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
2 4.45 17408

17 Jul 2010 First Time
Straight Sex
2 4.69 23742

Bio: First call me Ellie, I like to read and write, mostly keep it to myself though... ummm poetry helps me relieve stress, so thats what i write about most of the time. I'll talk to anyone, so fill free t...
18 Jul 2010 Love Poems
2 4.50 2298

Bio: I'm a 22 year old female. I live in California, but I go back and forth between here and Vancouver, B.C. I love to party, listen to music, read stories, love to write. I love to read Voyeur, Incest, B...
26 Jul 2010 Incest
Love Poems
3 3.03 2629

Bio: Been off the grid for a while, but now I'm back (I think...for a while at least). I won't be adding any new people unless we talk a little first (I'm not THAT easy)

I'm a bright, vivacious an...
27 Jul 2010 Mature
Straight Sex
2 4.81 22439
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