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Bio: Sexual frustration.

I love reading and writing, but this would be my first time attempting erotic stories.

I guess you could say I have a more innocent way about myself and my writin...
17 Mar 2013 First Time
1 4.74 13159

Bio: Hey, I'm Juliette I'm 19, and I live in the UK. I'm, 5'2, and I have 32GG boobs. I have shoulder length natural blonde hair. I have both ears stretched to 10mm and a nose ring. And I just recently got...
21 Mar 2013 First Time
1 4.47 13885

21 Mar 2013 Hardcore
1 4.75 12651

27 Mar 2013 Love Poems
1 1.00 761

27 Mar 2013 Group Sex
1 4.60 13010

Bio: a writer with a different taste
30 Mar 2013 Gay Male
1 4.50 28175

Bio: Hi, i like to think of myself as outgoing and friendly willing to try anything. I love to chat with others but dont be offende if i ignore you as 99% of the time will be because im afk!
31 Mar 2013 Oral Sex
1 4.89 4946

Bio: I am straight, but can be attracted to girls. I'm friendly, and love talking to people, but if you just want to talk to me because you're horny, then GTFO. I will not be used. Oh, and another thing. D...
02 Apr 2013 Love Stories
1 4.64 2642

Bio: I'm a tall, male, 42 years old, single. I enjoying writing stories about bondage scenarios. Scenarios, I have to experience myself. I get pleasure out of others reading and enjoying my stories.
03 Apr 2013 BDSM
1 4.18 21138

07 Apr 2013 Oral Sex
1 4.67 8157

07 Apr 2013 Lesbian
1 4.40 42575

08 Apr 2013 First Time
1 4.27 26618

Bio: Hi. This is my first incursion into writing erotic literature. I am happily married to a beautiful young girl, and just about all my fantasies involve her. I'm on the nerdy side, young, and vaguely at...
09 Apr 2013 Straight Sex
1 4.68 21860

Bio: I'm currently writing a book... and this seems like a pretty good place to try a few things out, and have some fun in the process.

I've written a few boring techy books in the past, as wel...
10 Apr 2013 Exhibitionism
1 4.75 6489

10 Apr 2013 Mature
1 4.67 46642

11 Apr 2013 Love Stories
1 5.00 3618

Bio: Hi! I am a nordic man in his thirties. I am 6'6" tall and weigh 230 pounds. Brown hair, brown eyes. Not looking for sex in here, just browsing and chatting. Am in a very happy relationship. Ernie is n...
06 Aug 2013 Exhibitionism
1 3.83 7712

Bio: I'm a fairly simple guy. I enjoy being outside more than most other things. I enjoy talking to people. I'm not going to be bugging anyone for sexual chats - I'm very happily bound to ToxicKisses.
01 Nov 2013 Love Poems
1 4.58 645

Bio: Shy 20 something trying my hand at writing erotica. I love stories containing taboo subjects, bondage, control, submission, domination, and bisexuality.
24 May 2010 First Time
1 4.88 13344

10 Jun 2013 Mature
1 3.67 27371
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