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Bio: Hi..I'm a fun loving straight guy lookin for fun here and also stories. I've been here for a while now..met lotsa nice people.
I'm here to have fun and I dont share pics ,phone ,email or skype. w...
03 Dec 2012 Group Sex
1 3.92 8484

30 Dec 2013 Exhibitionism
1 3.86 8892

29 Dec 2013 Quickie Sex
1 4.59 15332

08 Jan 2010 Straight Sex
1 3.33 3549

Bio: I'm a married man, who is now in his mid 30's.

My wife knows about my profile on this site, and she is happy for me to be on here, however I will share with her my thoughts and topics of conv...
19 Jul 2012 Spanking
1 4.62 9870

Bio: Hey everyone my name is Debbie,
I am 49 single and a mother of 3 amazing grown kids. I am very out going and a lot of fun to be around. I am from the country, Even though i may no look like it I...
03 May 2013 First Time
1 4.84 11282

11 Dec 2013 First Time
1 4.42 12706

06 Jan 2014 Fetish
1 5.00 16477

Bio: Marc Nobbs twitter profile describes reads, “Author of erotic romance, Blogger, Accounts Manager, Husband, Dad. But not in that order.”
Marc started writing as hobby just after leaving university ...
10 Jan 2014 Straight Sex
1 4.80 6905

Bio: I was here before and left for personal reasons. Now I am back and looking forward to chatting with friends, old and new! I am here because for me personally, the written word provides my mind with a ...
16 Sep 2012 Voyeur
1 4.86 2693

Bio: hi im Richard:) im into taboo and teen sex, and am up for chatting whether its cybering or just chatting about anything. if you want to get to know me then just a chat with me:)
26 Mar 2011 Gay Male
1 4.50 12837

13 Apr 2007 Exhibitionism
1 3.08 14840

11 Jun 2012 Quickie Sex
1 4.12 43145

Bio: Not on very often anymore. But i do come here to wind down a little. Anyways, My name is Demarae, i have one boy, and a little girl now. I'm a very sexual person, into almost anything, just NOT anal s...
04 Jun 2012 Supernatural
1 4.75 5300

20 Feb 2009 Interracial
1 4.45 20114

09 Aug 2010 First Time
1 4.77 46796

Bio: love reading the stories here, entering a chat room once in a while.
love all types of women, especially fond of Asian women! don't be afraid to add me if you are real and have a photo
09 Jan 2015 Flash Erotica
1 4.07 10648

Bio: What can I say..?.. generally a fun fella. Texas boy born & bred & yeah - I am very well aware that THAT doesn't mean a whole helluva lot to many of you! Hahaha! No worries though, I stay pretty laid ...
23 Nov 2010 Exhibitionism
1 4.61 5200

Bio: Hi I am 20, I have been reading stories on here for quite some time.. I plan on being an author here and have started. love reading comments looking at the forum and reading new stories
11 Jul 2012 BDSM
1 4.38 6088

Bio: Well, I'll keep it simple; born and raised in Ireland, currently studying Anatomy at University in Scotland and I'm 21 years old.
29 Nov 2010 MILF
1 4.07 20822