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This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, ordered by the ones with the greatest number of published stories.

Author Joined Categories # Stories Avg Score # Views

19 Jun 2013 Masturbation
1 4.00 4168

22 Jun 2013 First Time
1 3.82 9951

Bio: I wrote an erotic story on request from someone and decided that I enjoyed it immensely and want to write more and share!
26 Jun 2013 Group Sex
1 4.75 14757

27 Jun 2013 Oral Sex
1 4.25 5693

Bio: Hi- I found this site not long ago and it looks fun. No im not in any of the pictures on my profile.
I like to chat sometimes but if I dont answer your message it may be because im alread...
27 Jun 2013 Taboo
1 4.73 47682

Bio: I'm not sure what to put here. I'm a 51 year old happily married man that enjoys reading the stories on here. I love chatting and swapping ideas as well. I particularly enjoy stories of men watching t...
30 Jun 2013 Wife Lovers
1 4.87 15237

Bio: What can I say about me? well, I'm not interested in hook ups with anyone over the internet so please don't waist your time. I love reading the stories on here and am a bit of a writer so I thought I'...
04 Jul 2013 Straight Sex
1 4.33 1679

07 Jul 2013 First Time
1 4.67 4707

31 Aug 2010 Love Stories
1 4.80 2422

07 Jul 2013 Bisexual
1 4.95 11688

Bio: I'm almost 21. I've been writing stories for many years but have just recently taken to writing out my deepest sexual fantasies out. I love fantasy and non-human sexual situations. I am a witch, no co...
10 Jul 2013 Supernatural
1 3.00 4476

10 Jul 2013 Quickie Sex
1 4.50 4394

Bio: Hyper-sexual, Str8 shaved and tolerant of all lifestyles.
So far the only story I've written is a short story about the first time I went to a nudist beach and shaved also for...
11 Jul 2013 Straight Sex
1 4.75 11225

Bio: Hi! I am a fun loving cross dresser that is a exhibitionist to the max. I love showing myself to everyone in hopes that maybe I can get you off. There is nothing I like better than getting people off!...
12 Jul 2013 Crossdressing
1 3.67 13297

13 Jul 2013 Love Stories
1 5.00 1200

Bio: Hello. Don't be fooled by imitation, my avatar is not me.

I joined Lush to enjoy the stories and chat occasionally. I identify as submissive and like to explore stories along those lines, tho...
13 Jul 2013 First Time
1 4.83 10059

14 Jul 2013 Straight Sex
1 5.00 5918

Bio: Hey there, my name's Ewan.

Am a tall guy with short brown hair, blue eyes and a good build. I use to have a better figure than I do now but I attend the gym regulary so it'll be back soon.
15 Jul 2013 Quickie Sex
1 4.86 6355

15 Jul 2013 Wife Lovers
1 4.57 6320

Bio: I have been in the lifestyle of swinging with my husband for a couple of years now. This, with his permission, is my own profile. I can play without him with whomever I want. Men, if you want to catch...
18 Jul 2013 Novels
1 4.40 1561
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