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Bio: i like to make friends. Try anything once and twice or more if it is too good to pass up.
If there is something I don't like...if I don't wanna...I don't wanna and I will tell you if it bothers me...
01 Apr 2014 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
10 5.00 4644

Bio: I am an older man, married but looking to chat with women who perhaps aren't 100% in sync sexually with their partner, which is how I find myself. My wife is a wonderful person and I am not looking f...
16 Aug 2014 Cheating
Office Sex
10 4.90 126875

Bio: I am a middle aged gay man who started having sex at a very early age. The stories I write are fictional though based on real life events. Of course with age it is difficult to remember details, thoug...
02 Apr 2016 Gay Male
10 4.83 18440

Bio: Married and happy but as you can see I have interracial fantasies. I had a black boyfriend in college and it was a great experience. If the opportunity was here today I might be a lot more adventurous...
08 Jan 2013 Group Sex
Wife Lovers
10 4.83 116671

Bio: I have a passion for spanking erotica. I finally decided to try my hand at writing erotic fiction and chose this site for the many fine stories posted by others. I hope that my meager efforts entert...
12 Dec 2010 Spanking
10 4.79 161929

Bio: I was in California and I’m pretty sure I was destined to become part of the Adult/Sex Industry. I started having sex dreams when I was four; and started studying sex, in all fields/categories, when I...
18 Apr 2014 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
Straight Sex
10 4.81 105816

27 Jun 2011 Cuckold
10 4.70 141864

Bio: I like to wrestle with my GF because it's such a turn on. But she's too strong for me. She takes me down and pins me to the floor so that I can't move. When she pushes her pelvis against mine I cum ...
03 Feb 2012 Bisexual
Gay Male
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
10 4.40 100514

Bio: I am far more sweet, but you can call me Sinner. In short, I am a sapiosexual with insomniac tendencies who finds kindness sexy, and is "mushy af." Reads and writes mostly poetry. My avatar is only so...
21 Jun 2016 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
Love Stories
10 5.00 4987

Bio: Everyone always asks me "what's your age, what's your ASL, what do you look like?" blah blah blah.
So here it is:
ASL: 23/F/USA that's what you get. I don't like giving out my location to p...
02 Dec 2011 Flash Erotica
Group Sex
Office Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
10 4.83 81704

02 Dec 2016 Group Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
10 4.85 69736

Bio: Ageing man looking for more experience with mature women.
20 Jul 2015 Cuckold
Group Sex
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
10 4.57 56205

12 Jul 2013 Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
10 4.62 47875

Bio: Just a 40 something divorcee who has always been interested in writing. Hope you enjoy my little fantasies.
27 Sep 2007 BDSM
First Time
Wife Lovers
10 4.53 230560

19 May 2008 Fetish
10 4.48 70737

Bio: Funny how i won't join FB, Twitter or MyS but Lush was not a problem.... hmmmm?

Don't you just love how at the start of a good porn, the girls are beautiful, sweet and sexy and then by the ...
18 Aug 2011 First Time
Group Sex
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
9 4.87 59471

Bio: I love the dance of luciferous logolepsy. Words have a power all their own, and like a Hitchcock movie, it is often what lingers unrevealed that yields the ultimate thrill. Good erotica is never crass...
21 Oct 2011 Love Poems
9 4.71 8365

Bio: I'm just your average girl, finishing up my first year at University of San Diego in southern California! I'm currently majoring in biology, and aspire to be a physical therapist in the future. There'...
03 Nov 2011 Love Poems
Love Stories
Straight Sex
9 4.82 27376

Bio: A modern woman who still believes in being hopelessly romantic. I write stories based in the city I live and love.
15 Feb 2012 Love Stories
9 4.94 18150

19 Mar 2012 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
9 4.77 268863
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