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Bio: I grew up fast in post war England. Not much schooling, my fault not theirs. Got a job in the building industry, hated it. Joined the RAF, did 22yrs and loved every moment. Because of my work in the ...
03 Mar 2014 Lesbian
7 4.72 83217

Bio: Mostly my acct though my hubby Andy is sometimes allowed on. We love writing and editing erotica, especially in the hot wife category. Both my husband and I love talking and sharing ideas with other c...
17 Apr 2012 Wife Lovers
7 4.62 31220

08 Jul 2014 Exhibitionism
Straight Sex
7 4.90 41283

Bio: I am a 35 year old guy that travel the world as a photographer. I write stories about the places I visit and the people I meet. Sometimes I bring an element of what happens to me into the stories.
02 Apr 2009 Anal
First Time
Straight Sex
7 4.36 60750

Bio: I'm just a nice guy that has a clit fetish. I'm always looking for a woman that wants to show off her clit and likes having it licked and sucked.
02 Oct 2009 Interracial
7 4.78 69030

17 Feb 2010 Interracial
7 4.12 56441

29 Oct 2008 Spanking
7 4.53 143914

28 Jan 2008 Gay Male
7 4.40 77495

Bio: I'm just here to share stories and talk about them. I'm not looking for naughty chat or a hook up. Please read my stories and leave comments.
07 Feb 2011 BDSM
Straight Sex
7 4.77 71541

02 Apr 2011 Love Stories
7 4.68 27549

Bio: Just wanted to start writing again. :]

If I could just spend the rest of my life writing and reading, I probably couldn't ask for more.
03 Dec 2011 Love Stories
Straight Sex
7 4.81 35008

27 Jun 2007 Cuckold
Group Sex
Wife Lovers
7 4.15 128642

Bio: Hi my name is lee and im 23. The stories i like reading the most are Lesbian, Mature and Milf. Im a nice boy and i love making new friends.
01 Jan 2010 MILF
Straight Sex
7 4.75 102691

Bio: I'm a red-head with an attitude (when I want to), but otherwise I'm a submissive. I currently have a Master.
18 Nov 2013 BDSM
7 4.34 44189

Bio: Hi. I haven't updated this since I joined so I thought it might be time...

Spending more time in the forums but still occasionally visiting the chats. I do most of my chatting in the black ...
07 Mar 2013 Group Sex
7 4.92 70890

19 Apr 2008 Spanking
7 4.66 144418

Bio: The number of women posting erotic stories has been a real revelation. I must conclude that either; a) many of the women that I've known in "real life" were a lot more interested in sex and were just...
06 Apr 2009 Lesbian
Love Stories
Straight Sex
7 4.63 26980

Bio: I'm a digital boy in love with my muse half a world away. These stories I write for her, over the course of several days - delayed only by time zones and the small problem of work, getting in the way.
22 Apr 2009 Love Stories
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
7 4.45 24969

Bio: Currently, most of my creativity goes toward writing. I've just completed a second draft of a sci-fi romance. It's over 80,000 words and out to beta readers. Exciting to finish a project. I'm also wor...
03 May 2009 Group Sex
7 3.57 32632

Bio: I am Blackman looking to play sexual with females of all ages, sizes and race. I am freaky and horny most of the time. I love phone sex. I love erotic stories, especially interracial, mature, swingi...
31 May 2009 Interracial
Quickie Sex
7 4.50 180353