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Bio: Hi there. I love to train and go out with my wife. Friday nights are the best. I love to start the weekend with one of our p90sex activities. Thanks for reading my story.
03 Oct 2011 Group Sex
7 4.83 59489

Bio: Hi all, I am half English and half Spanish (well I would say Catalana) living and working in Barcelona though I am originally from a small village to the North.
I run the family business and I am ...
28 Apr 2013 BDSM
Straight Sex
7 4.75 51903

Bio: i am a cross dresser and sissy and have been for a long time...divorced of course....
15 Dec 2011 Crossdressing
7 4.26 76908

23 Mar 2015 Lesbian
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
7 4.90 41913

Bio: I write erotica. Check out my work at
29 Aug 2014 Gay Male
7 5.00 65768

15 Jul 2010 Mature
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
7 4.59 183003

Bio: I'm on here to read the stories and to meet like-minded people. Please feel free to drop a me a note and say hello. I love erotica and enjoy taking high quality erotic images.
04 Feb 2011 Group Sex
Straight Sex
7 4.84 84388

Bio: I am a story-teller before I am a writer. The red tail hawks that circle around my path become the mana. My writing resonates with the unique and the unusual. That being said, never in my most vivid ...
30 Apr 2014 BDSM
Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Love Stories
7 4.54 38188

Bio: Hello my name is Raven.

I’m just your average Wall-mart goth, comic book reading, video game playing, shy girl. I joined Lush stories to have a place to share my erotica. I love writing and o...
15 Nov 2009 Love Poems
7 4.68 141913

Bio: I am a videographer and storyteller. I like to write stories about passion and rising lust. Without passion, erotic stories are just a stream of jumbled genitals. Great sex is about the human imaginat...
02 Oct 2014 First Time
Group Sex
Love Stories
Oral Sex
7 4.76 49184

Bio: I'm not into summing myself up in a neat little box... but I do like sex & writing about it which is why I'm here!

Also like making friends & talking about anything & everything under the sun...
13 Oct 2013 BDSM
Flash Erotica
Oral Sex
7 4.86 54695

Bio: Well an open minded man, with a good appitite for erotica. I like getting to know ppl. There is mostly more then meets the eye. Lush is a nice out let when you meet the right nice ppl. The best stimul...
05 Oct 2010 Anal
Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Group Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
7 4.36 62781

10 May 2011 Cheating
Straight Sex
7 4.86 78951

Bio: I love writing, especially in the cheating genre. I will write in the cuckold genre but associate myself with the bull, the alpha male as opposed to the beta. If you are a woman, single or married, ...
10 Oct 2014 Cheating
First Time
7 4.83 122506

24 Feb 2011 Taboo
7 4.62 53917

Bio: I want to trace the tip of my finger along your naked skin. I want to make your heart beat faster. I want to lick you, slowly from that spot behind your ears down across your chest and in between your...
11 Mar 2015 Bisexual
Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Flash Erotica
Oral Sex
7 4.78 54695

02 May 2009 Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
7 4.61 59379

Bio: Hi, you can call me Winter or Snow.. I have stumbled upon Lush looking to read erotic stories. I have been told I am a fun person, not here to Cyber or Skype. You can find me in a chat room when I'm h...
13 May 2014 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
7 4.96 6205

Bio: I write caning and spanking stories for my own amusement. Most are complete fantasies. I hope readers enjoy them and masturbate to them.
03 May 2013 Gay Male
6 4.13 56582

Bio: I'm just a nice guy that has a clit fetish. I'm always looking for a woman that wants to show off her clit and likes having it licked and sucked.
02 Oct 2009 Interracial
7 4.75 74450
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