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Bio: I originally joined Lush to read the erotic stories and, surprisingly, made some really cool friends along the way.

The never ending list of NO's: No cams, No MSN, No Yahoo, No phone ...
05 Oct 2012 Group Sex
Love Poems
7 4.91 137080

Bio: I have sold more than a hundred erotic stories to various magazines. I also write mystery as well as other genres. I like to write stories that explore all our fantasies including the ones we don't ...
01 Jun 2010 Exhibitionism
Gay Male
Wife Lovers
7 4.60 108286

Bio: I am a big, black, bisexual woman who loves to laugh. Do nothing to piss me off and we'll be cool.
I love porn and sex. Gay/lesbian, straight, cheating, public, masturbation, tit fucks, blowjobs,...
18 Mar 2013 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
7 5.00 10385

Bio: I'm a straight dude with a fetish for panties and shemales. I especially like g-strings and thongs. I don't know why and I've never acted on it. I also love the outdoors, exhibitionist style and th...
03 Nov 2012 Exhibitionism
7 4.52 86396

29 Jul 2012 First Time
Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
7 4.37 38442

Bio: Who am I? What a great question. Isn't that what we are all striving to figure out? That is why I write for the most part. I tend to write a lot of poetry, some of which might fit here at this sit...
01 Oct 2012 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
7 4.97 7363

Bio: Mostly my acct though my hubby Andy is sometimes allowed on. We love writing and editing erotica, especially in the hot wife category. Both my husband and I love talking and sharing ideas with other c...
17 Apr 2012 Wife Lovers
7 4.64 38723

Bio: I am a 35 year old guy that travel the world as a photographer. I write stories about the places I visit and the people I meet. Sometimes I bring an element of what happens to me into the stories.
02 Apr 2009 Anal
First Time
Straight Sex
7 4.42 67692

29 Oct 2008 Spanking
7 4.61 172076

Bio: I'm just here to share stories and talk about them. I'm not looking for naughty chat or a hook up. Please read my stories and leave comments.
07 Feb 2011 BDSM
Straight Sex
7 4.79 82060

02 Apr 2011 Love Stories
7 4.68 33448

Bio: I've been around. And I've found that I love to take control of a lady & bring out her submissive side. It is not about whips and chains, it is about submitting without being forced too. Submission fo...
25 Jun 2011 Cheating
7 4.72 71068

Bio: I'm a red-head with an attitude (when I want to), but otherwise I'm a submissive. I currently have a Master.
18 Nov 2013 BDSM
7 4.35 55755

Bio: Hi. I haven't updated this since I joined so I thought it might be time...

Spending more time in the forums but still occasionally visiting the chats. I do most of my chatting in the black ...
07 Mar 2013 Group Sex
7 4.93 81277

19 Apr 2008 Spanking
7 4.73 174933

Bio: I'm a digital boy in love with my muse half a world away. These stories I write for her, over the course of several days - delayed only by time zones and the small problem of work, getting in the way.
22 Apr 2009 Love Stories
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
7 4.45 28927

Bio: Currently, most of my creativity goes toward writing. I've just completed a second draft of a sci-fi romance. It's over 80,000 words and out to beta readers. Exciting to finish a project. I'm also wor...
03 May 2009 Group Sex
7 3.57 35804

Bio: I am Blackman looking to play sexual with females of all ages, sizes and race. I am freaky and horny most of the time. I love phone sex. I love erotic stories, especially interracial, mature, swingi...
31 May 2009 Interracial
Quickie Sex
7 4.51 243223

Bio: I just wanted to write down the fantasies in my head and see if they were worth sharing.
05 Jan 2014 Interracial
Straight Sex
7 4.77 47530

Bio: Hi, Been on lush for some time now. I write from time to time but mostly enjoy reading stories written by far better authors than me. Always enjoy talking to new people if you feel like contacting me.
28 Sep 2009 Bisexual
Group Sex
Straight Sex
7 3.80 66364
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