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Bio: I'm not an enigma, I'm a simple realization
Drifting in a hazy mist of altered reality
Defining the answer to your unasked question
That sticks to your lips with apprehension.
I'm not ...
28 Mar 2012 Love Poems
5 4.92 4864

29 Jul 2012 First Time
Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.13 20636

Bio: We are a couple who have been straight so far. We doubt that opening the relationship would be a good move for us. With that said, we enjoy fantasizing and have begun putting our fantasies into story ...
08 Sep 2012 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
5 4.53 38504

Bio: I'm here to meet friends talk and read as well as post....i'm an eclectic pagan also i'm married :3 and i'm NOT into Cyber or ASL! ... P.s. I won't add anyone with out talking to them first ^-^
15 Feb 2012 Love Poems
5 4.77 3419

30 Nov 2013 Crossdressing
5 4.86 40541

Bio: If I could touch you right now - a slow kiss, a subtle caress, a gentle squeeze, a playful nibble, a finger slipped into a warm and willing place - but chances are I’m writing or reading or hiking ov...
02 Jul 2014 Bisexual
Straight Sex
5 4.89 24869

Bio: 49 yo naturist, i like to write about first times with 16 - 19 yo girls, oddly i write from the female perspective
02 Dec 2008 First Time
5 3.34 33102

Bio: ... stories between a boy and a girl living in different countries. May we one day live in the same.

Masturbation is powerful, but the real thing is divine... especially with this girl.
03 Dec 2008 Group Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.08 35990

Bio: Just a regular guy trying his abilities at writing and writing about something that interests me the most. Hope you enjoy my stories...
29 Dec 2008 Reluctance
Wife Lovers
5 4.83 94542

15 Jan 2009 Anal
Group Sex
5 4.39 207367

Bio: Veterinary. Probably a dolphin, but with some kind of wierd genetical accident I was born as a human. Slow sex life. Love some lush stories.
11 May 2009 Love Poems
Straight Sex
5 4.37 24564

10 Aug 2009 Anal
5 4.75 95307

Bio: Hi, straight and very sensual. Wrote a couple of tales some while ago for here. Recently posted a new story in two parts, "The Beer Cellar/Pool Room Romp". Love a woman's body. Enjoy the cyber talk, b...
26 Aug 2009 Straight Sex
5 3.14 17079

21 Oct 2009 Masturbation
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
5 4.49 36430

23 Nov 2010 Straight Sex
5 4.59 52486

08 Dec 2013 College Sex
Quickie Sex
5 4.47 33012

Bio: I like being me. I am here to explore and just have fun. So if you are interesting, by all means feel free to send me a message.
19 Mar 2011 Love Poems
5 4.70 13299

Bio: I'm an honest guy and all the stories I publish are true and have happened tome in the past. I think that reading stories that are factual are far more erotic than made up ones, don't you. They have m...
23 Mar 2011 Mature
5 4.78 281485

Bio: Longtime writer of gay erotica. My book Backwoods was a Lambda Literary Award finalist. Co-wrote the porn film "Dad Takes a Fishing Trip" with director Joe Gage. More more more:
27 Nov 2013 Gay Male
5 4.75 146265

Bio: Hi everyone, I find writing as a way of dumping all the thoughts I have. I post them here in hopes of people enjoying what I write.
16 Jan 2014 First Time
Group Sex
Love Stories
Straight Sex
5 4.66 34086