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Bio: I'm Asian, roughly 5'7" - 171cm in height, of average built, short cropped black hair, sometimes described as dreamy looking.
I love music, writing and reading (and making up own fantasy)
I'm ...
04 May 2014 Love Poems
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.93 9919

Bio: Bi-curious closet cross dressing male who is attracted to women, but also has urges to want to know what it feels like to be a woman during sex. I often fantasize being in the woman's place thinking ...
31 Oct 2014 Crossdressing
5 4.76 45212

Bio: I like to meet a woman. Talk with her a bit, learn her likes, dislikes and fetishes. And sometimes that inspires me to write on an erotic topic I've never written on before.
13 Sep 2014 Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Group Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.60 37265

Bio: Old enough to know better, too young to care.
08 May 2013 Interracial
5 4.92 29413

Bio: I am not here to be anyone's plaything! I will never treat anyone badly, intentionally and I will never use anyone. I am here for Rumorhasit ONLY, please no couples pictures posted on my wall, that is saved for him...
13 May 2014 Love Poems
5 4.92 2536

Bio: I enjoy writing about sex as much as reading about it. My particular interest is rimming: I can't keep it out of my stories. Some people are squeamish about it, and i must point out that I only lick c...
13 Apr 2015 Gay Male
5 4.61 17355

Bio: Life's a bumpy road. I particularly like the softer bumps....

A little kindness is the easiest and possibly the most rewarding gift there is.
02 Nov 2014 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
5 4.96 1424

Bio: I am an older male who has a young, obscene mind. I enjoy writing erotic stories, especially about couples where he likes to show her off, and have her entertain his friends.
02 Nov 2013 Group Sex
5 4.59 46405

Bio: Perverse pariah. Vandæmonian. Wayward sex worker, pornographer, voyeur, and swinger. Polyamory practitioner and dirty dandy.
13 Jul 2007 Anal
5 4.09 45000

Bio: Have been a voyeur all my life; even before I knew the word for it. I write pure fantasy I hope to encourage my readers to masturbate from my stories. I would Welcome an exchange of sensual and eroti...
03 Sep 2007 Mature
5 4.19 34838

Bio: I am an erotic story writer. I mainly write erotic fantasy stories and fetish.
18 Feb 2008 Anal
Group Sex
5 4.58 241889

Bio: I am word-lover, phrase-gatherer, poet, storyteller. I have loved deeply, and continue to. I write by instinct, just as I breathe, drink, and sleep. I hope to connect with others by the words that ...
02 Mar 2008 Straight Sex
5 4.24 35366

25 Mar 2008 Lesbian
5 4.17 30677

09 May 2008 Exhibitionism
Straight Sex
5 3.55 72218

Bio: I'm 20. Live in Alaska. I like to write erotic stories of any kind. I like to make sure mine seem detailed and realistic, as well. I think that really adds to the passion of reading it and getting tu...
17 Jun 2008 Gay Male
Oral Sex
5 4.59 158522

Bio: A open minded guy, who just loves meeting new people and finding new experiences. Love erotic fiction - a real turn on - helps explore the sexual mind. Other than that - here to chat and have some mut...
03 Jul 2008 Exhibitionism
5 4.61 59575

24 Jul 2008 Group Sex
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
5 4.80 206663

Bio: Married for second time. In my mid forties
08 Aug 2008 Exhibitionism
5 4.47 92237

18 Aug 2008 Lesbian
Love Stories
Straight Sex
5 4.74 67906

09 Oct 2008 Love Stories
5 4.62 21645