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24 Jul 2008 Straight Sex
5 3.33 15246

Bio: I am single, living and working fulltime in France. All the stories that I will be posting on here are entirely fiction and fantasy. Most of them will involve consentual participants, male and female ...
18 Mar 2015 Anal
5 4.89 76478

Bio: I am 55, a professional, hoping to go into semi-retirement within a year or so. I am married but living an enforced bachelorhood for the next little while (and no, that doesn't mean I'm in prison or a...
08 May 2015 Fetish
5 4.84 23142

Bio: Just here for fun. Not here to meet up with guys. I have a husband who is more than enough for me.
20 Jul 2011 First Time
Flash Erotica
Group Sex
Quickie Sex
5 4.88 25182

Bio: Free thinking northern Mainer who loves reading erotic stories and may even write a few.
29 Dec 2012 Group Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.75 61945

Bio: I felt it was time for an update..
First, a lot of people call me Simmie, so I answer to either. I am not use to talking about my self so bare with me please.
I consider myself a good person,...
21 May 2015 BDSM
Love Poems
Quickie Sex
5 4.91 12718

Bio: I am blessed with the perfect little baby girl. We have been together off and on for almost 18 years. We play together. We play apart. We are here to make friends and have fun and relaxed conversa...
04 Mar 2015 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
5 5.00 1938

Bio: Perverse pariah. Vandæmonian. Wayward sex worker, pornographer, voyeur, and swinger. Polyamory practitioner and dirty dandy.
13 Jul 2007 Anal
5 4.09 45819

Bio: Have been a voyeur all my life; even before I knew the word for it. I write pure fantasy I hope to encourage my readers to masturbate from my stories. I would Welcome an exchange of sensual and eroti...
03 Sep 2007 Mature
5 4.19 35526

Bio: I am an erotic story writer. I mainly write erotic fantasy stories and fetish.
18 Feb 2008 Anal
Group Sex
5 4.58 247035

Bio: I am word-lover, phrase-gatherer, poet, storyteller. I have loved deeply, and continue to. I write by instinct, just as I breathe, drink, and sleep. I hope to connect with others by the words that ...
02 Mar 2008 Straight Sex
5 4.24 35996

25 Mar 2008 Lesbian
5 4.17 31369

09 May 2008 Exhibitionism
Straight Sex
5 3.55 73288

Bio: I'm 20. Live in Alaska. I like to write erotic stories of any kind. I like to make sure mine seem detailed and realistic, as well. I think that really adds to the passion of reading it and getting tu...
17 Jun 2008 Gay Male
Oral Sex
5 4.58 160973

Bio: A open minded guy, who just loves meeting new people and finding new experiences. Love erotic fiction - a real turn on - helps explore the sexual mind. Other than that - here to chat and have some mut...
03 Jul 2008 Exhibitionism
5 4.63 60897

24 Jul 2008 Group Sex
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
5 4.80 211225

Bio: Married for second time. In my mid forties
08 Aug 2008 Exhibitionism
5 4.47 94899

18 Aug 2008 Lesbian
Love Stories
Straight Sex
5 4.73 69981

09 Oct 2008 Love Stories
5 4.62 22269

Bio: Male - happy to write and read, chat when I can. Currently watching the rain lash down & wishing I was somewhere warmer. I enjoy travel in Europe, good food & wine, good company and exploring pla...
10 Aug 2011 First Time
Group Sex
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
4 4.73 21983