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28 Dec 2008 Love Stories
Straight Sex
4 4.22 44033

Bio: I am a straight American married white male, mid-fifties, who likes cybersex. I like to write about regular people who enjoy sex and aren't afraid to say so. I am NOT into child porn or pain.
09 Jan 2009 Exhibitionism
4 3.40 29815

Bio: Guys, PLEASE read a member's profile before assuming one is a female based only on their avatar pic. Thanks. Due to the taboo nature of most of my stories, I will not post a pic of myself on this site...
25 Jan 2009 First Time
Love Stories
4 4.76 165875

Bio: I'm a well travelled girl with a business education and an avid interest in natural history, I'm interested in the arts and according to my boss I'm in the wrong job, my characters are always based on...
25 Mar 2009 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
Straight Sex
4 4.80 31699

Bio: I enjoy writing very much, and it's great to have a place to share the naughtier stories on, everyone's great and has great feedback. I'd like to think I bring a certain reality to my stories... as m...
26 Mar 2009 Straight Sex
4 4.80 29858

Bio: I'm not a seasoned writer, however I do love to write. I have had a ton of experiences that I'm turning into stories. Most every story written here will be true. I'll tag it both ways...if it's ficti...
20 Apr 2009 Group Sex
Straight Sex
4 4.45 69612

Bio: Mature transvestite who writes crossdressing, incest and forced sex stories mainly with nylon fetish
13 May 2009 Crossdressing
4 4.52 48058

Bio: I used to write stories for my girlfriend. and everyone one of them was always turned on by it. so here i am, single and with a whole lot of ideas.
16 May 2009 Anal
Group Sex
Love Poems
Straight Sex
4 4.01 27072

Bio: I am 27yo and live in Edinburgh,Scotland. I love to chat and meet new people. I usually write about straight sex but havn't written anything for a while, too busy reading other stories. I love to trav...
16 Jun 2009 Masturbation
Straight Sex
4 4.55 16498

29 Jun 2009 BDSM
First Time
Straight Sex
4 4.55 31545

Bio: Im currently studying a course in writing and journalism, i love writing its fascinating, and it helps to improve your english language and vocabulary. I write mainly about cars or other aspects on mo...
14 Jul 2009 First Time
Straight Sex
4 4.36 19268

Bio: "Hope and pray that you'll never need me, but rest assured I will not let you down. I walk beside you, but you may not see me, the strongest among us may not wear a crown."
17 Jul 2009 Group Sex
Love Stories
Straight Sex
4 4.55 19441

25 Jul 2009 Love Poems
Straight Sex
4 4.64 17461

Bio: I am on this site for the purpose of building confidence to get my writing together. I am not here for dating, fantasy sex, or fantasy talk.
31 Jul 2009 First Time
Group Sex
4 4.54 65852

22 Aug 2009 Cheating
4 4.83 213548

28 Aug 2009 Group Sex
4 4.72 76108

Bio: ****regarding friend requests**** please don't randomly friend request me just to build your list... if you really want to be my friend, write to me, talk to me, lets converse in email a while... ~~...
04 Sep 2009 Exhibitionism
Love Poems
Straight Sex
4 4.32 15198

Bio: I am a guy who has spent the last 4 year collared to a Domme Mistress, and has regularly been force femmed and trained to be submissive. I still consider myself to be switch... (tho am much more subm...
26 Sep 2009 Fetish
4 4.55 188711

Bio: My name is Bobby Lynn. ;) I'm currently living in Michigan but will soon be moving to Kentucky with my girlfriend. She has family there. I am in my first Lesbian relationship, but I miss having cock...
04 Oct 2009 Reluctance
Straight Sex
4 4.82 77217

06 Oct 2009 BDSM
4 4.23 25689