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Bio: I have previously been on here under two other names, One of the a Dom account, and one a sub account, as I am a switch. This was fine to a degree, however over time came to be annoying, so I deleted ...
29 Dec 2014 BDSM
4 4.78 20890

24 Feb 2007 Bisexual
Wife Lovers
4 4.67 79385

01 Feb 2014 Lesbian
Oral Sex
4 4.75 22689

Bio: Poet, Musician, Song Writer and Actor.
19 Feb 2015 Love Poems
4 4.97 1269

Bio: Stronger than I thought I was...

Why the change, simple. I am Pack, and the strenght of the Pack is what helps me.
to those that are my friends here, you are part of my pack in one form...
23 Oct 2014 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
4 5.00 1957

Bio: I'm a seemingly normal, suburban mom with secret fantasies that my husband will never know about. I have a great marriage and a satisfying sex life, but if he knew about the inappropriate thoughts po...
01 Mar 2014 Masturbation
4 4.97 147938

Bio: Hi my name is Angel, I'm 29 young looking dark blonde blue eyed girl. I love to chat but please be warned very shy till I know you more. I have many fantasies I would love to understand and learn mor...
02 Jul 2014 Office Sex
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
4 4.95 35806

Bio: I am a male in my late 50s and enjoy writing all kinds of erotic stories from m/f, family, age play, and bi stories. I will add more later.
29 Apr 2007 Bisexual
First Time
Group Sex
4 4.78 80291

26 Jun 2007 Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
4 4.12 205803

28 Aug 2007 BDSM
Group Sex
4 4.27 64031

Bio: We are a very erotic couple who found each other after doomed marriages. Our philosophy is to live our life and our fantasies together before it's too late and experience them with no regrets. Our st...
04 Nov 2007 Interracial
Wife Lovers
4 4.37 127454

27 Dec 2006 Exhibitionism
First Time
Group Sex
4 4.83 151381

22 Feb 2008 Love Poems
4 4.24 6967

Bio: These stories come from my heart and soul. Some are fiction some are nonfiction. You be the judge. Enjoy All.
03 Mar 2008 Exhibitionism
Love Stories
Straight Sex
4 4.11 18387

Bio: Our site is dedicated to singles and couples who are exploring or just starting out with having threesomes. Site contains information on relationships, having a threesomes, experiences, and of course ...
08 May 2008 Wife Lovers
4 4.01 147511

Bio: I am 19 years old I love to hear what others have to say.Feel free to message me or tell me what you think. XoXo, aLeXa...(
25 May 2008 Exhibitionism
First Time
4 4.60 121005

26 May 2008 Fetish
4 4.74 319764

Bio: I am owned by the most inventive and adventurous Master. I am his slut, his whore and I love him with all my heart. His touch thrills me and my body and mind belong to him only.
02 Jul 2008 BDSM
4 4.52 40862

Bio: I'm a 5'8" tall, 38G 40 49, bisexual woman, I love erotic stories and when it strikes me I write.
14 Jul 2008 Anal
4 4.55 69551

Bio: I've always been interested in writing and recording my many fantastic experiences is my new favourite hobbie which always gets me wet when I write about them.
21 Sep 2008 Lesbian
Straight Sex
4 4.44 24406