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Bio: Before I was married, I had a much wilder sex life as a single male on the swingers scene. My first experience in swinging was at a swinger club in Fort Lauderdale in Florida while on holidays in the ...
07 Sep 2011 BDSM
Oral Sex
4 4.95 41782

21 Jun 2008 Interracial
4 4.52 113039

07 Feb 2015 Group Sex
4 4.90 22425

08 Nov 2014 Lesbian
4 4.87 51526

24 Feb 2007 Bisexual
Wife Lovers
4 4.67 82968

Bio: I'm working on working myself out. It's that simple.
I'm very open minded about all things sex.
Not much experience (yet!) but enough..
Love to take pictures ...
13 Dec 2014 Flash Erotica
Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
4 4.69 28115

Bio: Elderly gent for whom fantasy / role play on-line and naughty stories ( especially CFNM, FemDom -male sub ) excite and raise a smile and another part of my anatomy. Stripping and Humiliation scenario...
23 Jan 2015 Erotic Poems
Flash Erotica
4 4.75 8563

06 Jan 2015 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
Straight Sex
4 4.73 20513

09 May 2015 Cuckold
4 4.61 23275

10 Sep 2012 Gay Male
Office Sex
Straight Sex
4 4.66 50316

Bio: I am who I am. I'm not perfect, but I am always myself. Make no mistake between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude.. depends on who you are.
06 Oct 2014 Lesbian
4 4.92 18888

20 Jan 2014 Masturbation
Oral Sex
4 4.62 34297

Bio: Hi, just a humble person here with some stories I thought I could share, I also enjoy reading yours, so thank you!
23 Nov 2013 Gay Male
4 4.54 55066

Bio: Open minded free spirit. Into sports, dancing, nudism, massages, the beach. Looking for cool women, couples and occasionally men to email, chat, but no cam, phone or skype requests please. I'm a well-...
26 Oct 2014 Group Sex
4 4.97 30595

08 Feb 2013 Straight Sex
4 4.62 14048

Bio: Well fuck. I've deleted it again. Fuckity Fuck. Like it matters. You know who I am. The smartest Lady on Lush on Mondays between 8:12am & 8:13am . It is the longest minute of the week. I came here loo...
09 Jan 2015 Love Poems
4 5.00 1247

Bio: Elise_xo is a Canadian writer specializing in erotic and intimate fantasies based on people she has met in real life. Her stories are created from a place of power and letting go of all of our inhibit...
01 Apr 2015 Crossdressing
4 4.81 26699

Bio: Young, sensitive, optimistic, workaholic, family oriented and goal driven. I am a believer that hard work pays off. Giving up is not an option, but failures are stepping stones to success!

12 May 2015 Love Poems
4 5.00 1109

Bio: I am originally a country boy who decided to move to the city. Typical gay male story. The clouded views of the rural communities were too oppressive for me to handle and there are more gay friendly p...
28 Feb 2015 College Sex
Erotic Poems
Gay Male
4 4.13 29735

Bio: I'm 28 and I live in Las Vegas. I grew up in Southern California and moved to Las Vegas when I graduated from high school to go to college.

The stories I like to write... So far they've be...
16 Jul 2015 Lesbian
4 5.00 11833