Oral Sex(2)


A Weekend Away Part 2 - Room Service

If you need a little more character development, please read Part 1.

As she slowly opens her eyes, she wonders how long she has been asleep as she notices the sun has set and the room is dark with just a single light on. She can’t believe she fell asleep, she is never able to actually sleep with a man their first time together and very rarely in a hotel room. Maybe it was the long cross country flight, or the amazing sex, or maybe just maybe she finally...Read On


The Meet Part One

A quick dream about a meet with fellow Lush user

It started with her having yet another first date with a man that just didn’t hit her buttons. Exhausted and disappointed she turned to her virtual world and the little black boxes that promise a night of lust and fulfilled longing that she so desperately needs. She chooses a friend she’s chatted with a couple of times – the one that scares her just a little because he lives so close to...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)



Wife and husband find time for a great lunch break

As the midday hunger pangs strike, damn I really wish I wouldn't have forgotten my lunch today. Looking at the time, I realize I can make it home, grab something to eat and check my lush account before my next meeting. As I turn the corner, I notice my husband’s car is in the driveway, that's a surprise. As I walk in I hear moaning come from the basement and know he is masturbating,...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


It All Started With An Ice Cream Cone

Continuation of my Weekend Away series, thanks for reading.

She still couldn’t believe she was here, with him making all of the fantasies they’d chatted about online for months come true. After a night in a hotel room exploring and learning each others bodies, he surprised her with an announcement to pack and that they were heading to the Cape for the rest of their fantasy weekend together. They stopped in Wellfleet to stock up on supplies and...Read On


Weekend Away

Online lovers meet in real life for the first time

She laughed to herself as she nervously sat waiting for the plane to take off. So many times she had mocked stories of people leaving their loved ones and lives for someone they had never met. Yet, here she was a few hours away from doing something similar – granted this was just a wild hair, a fast fling – she had no intention of leaving her safe life for the unknown. Except, he wasn’t unknown....Read On