avalontreman's Blog Entries

17 Mar 2013 21:31

Not sure if I deleted someone off my friends list... or if they deleted me.

03 Sep 2012 17:45

Walking around in white basketball shorts, a yellow shirt explaining that you can go blind from my awesomeness, and wearing my hat and going to the store, I realized something. If a woman can't love me when I'm in the most fucked up of clothing arrangements, then she doesn't deserve me. /randompost

28 Aug 2012 06:21

Sometimes I ask myself why I even bother looking her up... again. It would literally take an act of God for her to break up with that dickhead of a boyfriend. And a miracle on top of that for us to be as close as we once were. And a sort of combination of the two for us to be together... like we always should have been. Love stinks occasionally.

16 Aug 2012 19:30

So with just over 1,000 views, I have a score of 4.5 on my story. Hell yes. Time to celebrate. >breaks out butterfinger ice cream<

15 Aug 2012 18:55

Holy crap, that was fast. My story I wrote is on the front page. begin stress Hope it isn't too bad.

15 Aug 2012 17:02

About to put on my hat and headphones and go dancing to the store. Good day Perhaps a new pic of me without the sheet background. We'll see

12 Aug 2012 21:41

I don't even remember making this account... Must've been before the army. Oh well.