Allie-boy and his Mommy

Oh my God, she said, you're a young man now.

Taking a shower with my Mom was one of the most fun times we ever had. Like two kids under a summer spray nozzle we laughed and played. We washed each other all over. It was sexy and arousing, but primarily, it was fun. Let me tell you how we came to be showering together. My Mom and I had been thru many difficult times together. My folks had a bad maraige. My Dad was mean when drunk. He...Read On


Aunt Flo #2

Aunt Flo would teach me right

Aunt Flo #2             Flo and Sam moved into a bigger house, closer to the truck terminal. It was also close to the Community College I was now attending. One Sunday when they were visiting us for a barbeque, Flo asked out loud for everyone to hear, “Allie-boy, why don’t you come to our new house one day next week. Come over and let me make you lunch. I’m not much of a cook, but...Read On


Aunt Flo #3

The best fucking ever

Aunt Flo #3             As anxious as I was to get this going, Aunt Flo was undressed and lying on the bed before I was. Well, she had a head start. Standing naked alongside the bed, I wasn’t sure where to get in or what position to take. Flo read my uncertainty. “Come up here, and kneel beside me,” she said. OK, I thought, I liked when she told me exactly what to do. I...Read On

Aunt Flo Gave Me My First Threesome

Am I gay now?

Aunt Flo had this appliance repairman, Mike. One day she spent an hour watching him work on her clothes dryer. Wordlessly she watched him and conjured up images of his cock, wondering what it looked like, how big it was, whether it was circumcised, what he was like in bed. This of course aroused her sexually. At the same time, Mike was absorbed with his work, but he was aware of being...Read On


Aunt Flo goes out of town

When the kitty is away. . . . .

Aunt Flo goes out of town               When Flo told Allie that she had to visit her sister overnight, Allie asked his Aunt if he could stay overnight at her place. She was happy to have him stay over. No sooner was she out the door, when Allie was on the phone inviting Mike over for one of those “lunch breaks.” Mike was eager to have Allies white meat for lunch and Allie...Read On


Flo brings Brenda to watch

My aunt was my teacher

Flo brings Brenda The next day I had one early class. When it was over I walked quickly across campus, then on to Aunt Flo’s house. It was about 11:30 AM. Aunt Flo and her friend Brenda were having coffee at the kitchen table. Flo was wearing wrinkled pajamas and fluffy slippers. Brenda was wearing jeans and a black sleeveless T shirt with flip-flops. Flo stood up to greet me with a...Read On




Haircut, Blow Dry and a Blow Job

Both of my parents, my older brother and I, have been having our hair done at “Generations Salon,” for as long as I can remember. My very first haircut was done there and every haircut since.   Its called Generations, because, it’s been owned by the same family for many, many years. Cathy has her Mother, Beverly, and her Grandmother, Angie, working there. I know Cathy is 24 because...Read On



Maggie Briggs

She was 100% natural woman

My name is Allie.   It was the summer before my senior year in college. I had worked in a summer camp outside Portland , Maine ever since I was in High School. Today, I had worked alongside my summer buddy Rodger Briggs, preparing for the campers arrival tomorrow. Rodger had been a counselor in the camp for about as long as I had been. After work we were shooting...Read On