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I am a simple person who lives a simple life.
Well in the bedroom is a whole other story but that’s mine ;)

My curiosity is piqued quite easily. I find it interesting to know what makes people tick (sex or other).

I like to write, but if I’m any good at it is really up to the readers. That's what I'm here for and to read some of the amazing stories on lush. Maybe even learn a thing or two.

I’ve met some good people and not opposed to meeting new friends... Yes friends. I am not looking for any holy grail.

Anything else, just ask.

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In a Relationship with MollyDoll
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25 Jun 2017 20:04
Favorite Books:
Whatever I'm reading at the time.
Always looking for new suggestions.
Favourite TV Shows:
The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Affair, Orphan Black
Favorite Music:
Anything and everything.
Always looking for new music.


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13 Jan 2016
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25 Jun 2017
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Eyes barely open

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All Of You

I want to memorize your scent, Like the moment before it rains.    I want to memorize every sound you make,  So when I hear that rhythm play, my body aches.   I want to memorize your taste,  Like fresh strawberries on my lips.    I want to memorize the way you look,  So every time I close my eyes, I see perfection.    I want to memorize your touch, Like sheets draped over my bare skin.    I...

Added 18 Jun 2017 | Category Love Poems | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 273 | 8 Comments

The Morning After

I lay here awake, watching you sleep and I’m unable to get last night out of my head. The sun shines in through the slight bend of the curtains and flows along your body. Your shirt is pulled up from sleeping; exposing the bottom of your breasts and a nipple is peeking out as you lay on your back with an arm above your head. Watching your breathing start to change, I roll to my side...

Added 04 Apr 2017 | Category Lesbian | Votes 15 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,005 | 14 Comments

Truth Or Dare

“Abby!” “What?” “Do I really have to do this?” “You picked dare, baby.” This all started as an innocent game of truth or dare, but as I catch a glance of the mischievous look on her face, I realize I should have known better. Now here I am, taking another shot, getting ready to go out. I stand here, jeans just below my ass, shirt on ready to go and the new toy in my hand. It’s a feeldoe...

Added 02 Mar 2017 | Category Lesbian | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 14,228 | 17 Comments


I feel like crap. My cold is settling in and after a long frustrating day all I want to do is take a hot shower, eat and hopefully fall asleep watching a movie. I want to think about as little as possible; nothing would be better. First a shower, I need to feel a bit more human. Waiting for it to heat up I decide to light one up, really hotbox the place. Relax me a bit. Ever since I was a...

Added 26 Jan 2017 | Category Lesbian | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 5,549 | 6 Comments

The Cabin

She was sitting in the passenger seat, slightly turned toward me. Her legs spread and she was slowly working her clit, showing me everything. I had already told her she was not allowed to cum yet, but hearing her breathing I could tell she was getting close. Glancing sideways I snapped, “I said you’re not allowed to cum yet.”  Even I could hear the anger rising in my voice, but all she did...

Added 18 Dec 2016 | Category Lesbian | Votes 31 | Avg Score 5 | Views 13,256 | 24 Comments

The Drive: Distracting

I was sitting in the car with my girlfriend and she was driving us to Banff. I’d never been there before and my excitement was boiling over. I kept looking over at her and squirming in my seat, all I could think about was that moment when she allowed me to taste her again. I knew I was going to be in trouble, but I wanted her so badly; so with one hand I undid her pants and slipped it inside. ...

Added 06 Oct 2016 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 19 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,926 | 13 Comments

The Drive: Distracted

We were driving to Banff, later than I wanted to, but I had a surprise waiting for her. As we head down the highway she out of nowhere reached over with one hand and undid my pants; inching them down a little before slipping inside them. I glanced over, "What are you doing?" "Shh, it's for earlier,” she purred, and then I felt her slip inside me. I looked towards her as my breath caught and...

Added 30 Sep 2016 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 25 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,597 | 25 Comments

My Apology

She’s livid and has every right to be. Walking up behind her I can feel the anger radiating from her. I place my hands on her hips and grip them tightly so she can’t pull away again. Moving closer into her, pushing her hair off her shoulder, kissing the nape of her neck then gliding my lips along and up to her ear I whisper, " Just so you know, it’s your honey I crave.” Turning her...

Added 06 Jun 2016 | Category Lesbian | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 7,517 | 13 Comments


One…word whispered in your ear… ”Open” Two… fingers run up your inner thigh… Three… seconds I let my fingers linger over your warmth… Four… is how many times you beg me to slip inside you… Five… fingers on the back of my head grabbing a handful of hair… Six… quick breaths as my fingers swirl around your flowing juices… Seven… circles my thumb makes around your clit… ...

Added 14 Feb 2016 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 12 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,166 | 13 Comments

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