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A complicated and hard to understand man who is nevertheless happily married. However there are some proclivities which are not shared. in vanilla life he is ridiculously over educated and practised professionally in three very different ways. Externally a driven type A individual, there is nevertheless intuition and empathy in abundance which makes for non conformity, and wilful individualism. Internally there lurks a willing submissive who can frolic in the darker side in total privacy. Much prefers the company and friendship of intelligent and powerful women.

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Medical science, law and jurisprudence, informatics and computing. Also psychology, psychiatry particularly forensic, forensic medicine and pathology. Medical risk management and clinical negligence.
Philosophy and history.
Horses and riding generally. Dogs and cats both.
Woodwork and DIY generally, especially electrics and plumbing.
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Crime & Punishment (Fyodor Dostoyevsky), Ulysses (James Joyce) Alexandria Quartet (Lawrence Durrell) Women in Love (DH Lawrence). Systems and Control (Stafford Beer) A history of Western Philosophy (Bertrand Russell)
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Topic: Server migration
Posted: 01 Mar 2015 09:22

d eviated n asal s eptum - abnormal shift in location of the nasal septum; a common condition causing obstruction of the nasal passages and difficulty in breathing and recurrent nosebleeds


A very common cause of DNS, at least in young males, is an indirect punch on the snout, usually associated with an elevated serum ethanol.

Corrective surgery is equally aggressive.

Topic: How many hours of sleep do you need?
Posted: 26 Feb 2015 09:32

Need? Three to five gets me around consistently, if I can get nine or more once a week. I like six or seven given the choice. Can go for about sixty hours if well rested, well fed and well caffeinated before I start losing it usually.

Most people will be dropping off spontaneously and hallucinated by sixty hours. Happened to me once on a very long shift as a junior surgeon. Started 9.00am Friday . No sleep that night or the next. Had to assist at an emergency on Monday morning 1.00am. Fell asleep at the operating table and was carried out

Topic: How many hours of sleep do you need?
Posted: 26 Feb 2015 09:28

Need 9-10. Has always been that way. Morning are a pain too. Cannot abide having to get up very early every day. Could manage it when I had to, now I don't anymore.

Topic: Celibacy In Religion.
Posted: 26 Feb 2015 09:19

In any ideology there will be those who have a "fundamentalist" and autocratic mind-set. Over time such individuals become set up as so called "authorities" or spiritual guardians who interpret the intellectual component of the ideology. In this way they develop hubris, lose touch with reality, and become ever more extreme, imposing a whole set of increasingly deluded rules that were never there at the outset. This phenomenon is very common in all religions, as well as politically motivated movements. For example some Protestants in Northern Ireland (and some Republicans in the US come to that) think that homosexuality is a sin which can be "cured". The practices of female circumcision are not part of Islam but are held up by some as being so. Many other similarly gruesome examples exist. It was somewhere in the Middle Ages when the Christian Church (as it then was) ceased to have married Popes, Bishops, and clerics. They were a pretty corrupt lot by then especially as Church and State were fully integrated. The Protestants didn't hold with that. They were greatly assisted by a King Henry VIII's shenanigans which were as much about nationalising the means of production (the monasteries) and building a nation state as they were about his inability to produce a male heir. Celibacy fits neatly into this canon of thought.

Topic: Tanning Bed Awareness and the effects it can have!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!
Posted: 26 Feb 2015 08:58

Melanoma is directly caused by ultraviolet light (Fact)
Sunlight contains UV light in its spectrum so it follows that sunlight causes melanoma. (Fact)
Some people have more melanin (pigment) in their skins and are able to tolerate more UV light than fair skinned people. (Fact)
Tanning machines stimulate pigment production with large doses of UV light. Therefore it follows that tanning machines cause the development of melanoma in people who use them. (Fact)
The incidence of melanoma in the users of sun beds is higher than in the general population. (Fact)
Therefore there can be no Myths about any of this. What the industry publishes are therefore untruths, cynically motivated by the desire to make a profit from what is a hazardous activity.
There are words to describe this. In my view it is criminal activity.

Topic: cigarettes - smoking
Posted: 21 Feb 2015 09:21

One can definitely get cancer from smoking cigars. Also chewing tobacco and snuff can be bad to cause lip or mouth cancer. And let's not forget second hand smoke.

But then again how about all the additives in food, steroids in meat, insecticides on vegetables. And who knows what will be discovered about genetically altered foods in the future. We do know that cigarettes contain tobacco that was genetically changed to make it more addictive in order to enhance the profits of the tobacco companies.

Did y'all know that much more damage has been done to the Gulf of Mexico by the insecticide and fertilizer run off coming down the Mississippi River than happened from the BP oil spill. That is all thanks to the massive corn belt and wheat growing in the midwest, which is protected by some of the most powerful lobbyist groups in Washington, D.C.

With cigarettes & tobacco you have a cancer causing product that also takes massive amounts of fertilizer and insecticides to produce. That run off is draining into the Atlantic Ocean.

What is missing in the above, is the scale of risk involved. Cigarettes and Tobacco products WILL shorten your life. That is a certainty. Avoiding them will reduce your chances of dying prematurely. There are many things in life that present risks but this one is directly controllable for everyone.

Topic: cigarettes - smoking
Posted: 21 Feb 2015 09:17

Every Cigarette, I smoke is my last one, maybe one day that will be so angel7

It really should be...every one distils millions of nasty carcinogens into you. Believe me lung cancer is a truly horrible disease, but far more smokers die from heart disease and chronic lung damage, a painful breathless exit.

As you are obviously both young and beautiful you should be aware of the accelerated ageing effects of cigarette smoke. In your forties you may come to look as though you are about to draw a pension. Smoker's face is a well recognised clinical entity.

Seriously... do stop it.

Topic: Political Correctness
Posted: 20 Feb 2015 10:29

Most of the political "goods" that populations aspire to only work in moderation. For example absolute equality results in tyranny. Why? Because to preserve it everyone must behave in the same fashion otherwise some people start to be different. If that difference creates an advantage, then it has to outlawed because the equality dogma will have been breached. So equality cannot function in reality, and we invent other concepts like equality of birth in order to develop a functioning society.

I would define political correctness as the act of denial when a conflict between ideology together with the rules it creates and reality arises. For example I won't jump in and pull you out of the river when you fall in because the health and safety rules tell me not to. A more extreme example might be that I can't say that my country has too many people in it because 50 years ago a former professor of Ancient Greek used an analogy describing rivers of blood in a widely reported speech. This is where ideologues use dogma to stifle honest debate. Someone said the UK is the worst place on earth for this kind of stupidity. They were right, it was well described by George Orwell in his writings. The politically correct are indeed the Thought Police. The Pigs are more equal than anyone else. We are getting worse all the time.

Topic: Will you watch fifty shades of grey?
Posted: 18 Feb 2015 09:39

Next you'll be telling me I can't get pregnant from sitting on a theater seat with some guy's semen on it either!

Only possible if you haven't got your knickers on, are already wet, and the deposit is still hot. Probably need to orgasm to suck it up. Even then the best odds are 25 to one against if you can get motile sperm into the cervical canal. Undoubtedly you are both hyper-fertile and very dextrous with your digits!!.

Topic: Will you watch fifty shades of grey?
Posted: 17 Feb 2015 09:21

Herpes simplex is endemic, of course they would, and so would virtually all other objects similarly tested in a public place. That is like saying you can culture E. coli in your kitchen... you always will be able to. It means nothing.

Read the book... not impressed by the literary standards or the content. E.L. James has researched her material... no way has she ever experienced it like it is.

The books are vanilla with a touch of food colouring. The film has to be even blander to get an airing.

Many years ago I went to see "Personal Services"... the true story of a lady (Cynthia Paine) who ran a brothel in South London. That was witty and somewhat erotic. This isn't by all accounts.

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From one screwed up pedantic analist, to another

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The Peter Pan complex:

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Thank you sharing your experience on the London Underground! I have to make it there one day! I'm glad you enjoyed my truth!

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