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Can't add new people - if you want to chat, message me and we'll talk ^^

02 Jun 2014 06:16

A chat I had with someone recently:
Him: "I like to give girls multiple orgasms on obviously haven't had any that are any good."
Arrogant he can't even give a girl a single one...

Sorry..rant over

Bella x

01 Dec 2012 04:04

I sent a mail round recently to see if any females were interested in roleplays etc with my cousin (male); he has bbm and msn/email - private message me if you are interested and I will put you in contact; thanks xx

09 Sep 2012 10:36

Ok, second attempt at submitting it...not entirely sure where the spelling errors were seeing as my software didn't flag any...many thanks to Miss Katland for her help x

09 Sep 2012 02:21

My story has been rejected by the moderators...apologies for the delay xx

08 Sep 2012 16:41

Ok - its' been ages since I posted a story so it's probably very rusty and not terribly interesting...however, it has been sent to the moderators for review...if anyone is interested, comments, feedback and scores would be cool... ta x

08 Sep 2012 14:39 - new story out if anyone is interested; thanks xx

13 Mar 2011 04:10

Story is on the way - hopefully people will enjoy this as much as the others xx

12 Mar 2011 09:29

Working on the next story - might be a while though x

12 Mar 2011 04:58

A new name woo! Just need my pictures back!!!

31 Jan 2011 12:40

I miss you so much...

30 Jan 2011 14:19