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I havent been really active, so i was surprised to see i have new im honered :) hope everyone is doing well!

25 days ago

Giggles tried something new tonight....what was i thinking! XD luvya lushy land

04 May 2017 19:29

Missed everyone. Been popping on chat randomly....trying to catch everyone :)

07 Apr 2017 10:27

19 Jan 2017 19:37

what is up my fellow lushy people ^^v

17 Jan 2017 16:32

huggles everyone tightly well sorry I haven't been online regularly but miss you all :)

16 Oct 2016 14:03

huggles everyone tightly well sorry I haven't been online regularly but miss you all :)

16 Oct 2016 14:03

huggles everyone tightly well sorry I haven't been online regularly but miss you all :)

16 Oct 2016 14:03

missed everyone lots and lots :) <3

29 Aug 2016 11:43

ohhh how lovely lushy world is

25 Oct 2015 16:24

I'm back everyone ^^v My computer crashed from all the new classes, textbooks, emails....ect ect. now I'm rocking a new lappy and online again sorry if i missed your bday or stories, but hope everyone is great

11 Oct 2015 09:41

ive been down the rabbit hole and i like it!!!

28 Jul 2015 15:55

So i been gone awhile. Tons of school and other reasons. trying to reach back out to old friends...we'll see how that goes! huggles

22 Jul 2015 05:43

its official ive missed lush. must come on more regularly but on the other hand nice to see some on you guys find me??? XD huggles

14 Jul 2015 18:25

its odd how i look at my friends list and see it dropped like 20 people but for the life of me can only think of 2 people missing......well is what it is!

06 Jul 2015 17:10

hihi everyone im back around....mostly huggles everyone be well and play nicely

24 Apr 2015 11:31

well school is almost over for the semester. sorry i havent been around for awhile it was a really hard semester. im glad to see so many friends have written new work, i will have to catch up on it too bad my friends count went down....sorry to see some people go
....breathe in, breathe out and move on. "jimmy buffett"

17 Apr 2015 07:16

hihi all of lushy world

27 Mar 2015 08:47

well chat is being weird...ill go cyber shop malama pono all

01 Dec 2014 08:36

hihi everyone well im on vaca and will try to come around more often.....but till then curl up with Poppet's great new story....come on...i know you wanna

17 Oct 2014 16:28

hihi im popping on today and next few days just see how everyone is doing

22 Sep 2014 16:06

Sorry ive been absent.... school and hospital work calling my name...but message me here and ill answer u as soon as possible....or catch me on fb/twitter aloha

31 Aug 2014 08:06

Im uber excited by how well my lil story is going! its good lots of views and almost perfect...thx to the person that kept me humble with a 4

15 Jul 2014 17:05

well im not gonna spam everyone, eventhough this is my first story in awhile...but go ahead have a read, im proud of it

14 Jul 2014 15:28

this was sent to me from a great piano man. it is amazing and i cant get it out of my head...huggles give it a listen

06 Jul 2014 11:41

Sorry ive been busy training for Bushido Challenge in the US....message me if you want....huggles and wuvvles

23 Jun 2014 09:39

this is how i felt on vaca...till the poison ivy XD hehe

29 May 2014 10:41

last day of finals....thankyou....finally ^o^v

13 May 2014 06:44

sorry ive been not so much around...finals and work got me busy! ill catch up soon

04 May 2014 08:19

merrie monarch 2014....the greatness! sorry i am back but if i dont answer im watching the live feeds

24 Apr 2014 06:05