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My name is brandy when I was 18 I lived with my dad and was getting ready to start school.My dad works all the time and goes out of town all the time on business,we have a huge house with a pool and a guest house where my dads friend stays sometimes when he has lots of work to do.James is an older blackman I say around 55 or so and has a wife and several kids and when my dad is home they drink beer and hangout all the time.my dad really dont like black people but he has been friends with james ever since high school.There is alot of work james has to do such as mow and landscape, our yard ad do all the repairs around the house and he also cleans the pool and is building a stable for the horses.

Im such a spoiled brat I have nice 36 c cup boobs and a j-low booty (thats what the guys say).I have a killer tan since I lay out all the time.i was dating this 17 year old boy named Tony he was a little hottie but really didn't satisfy me to well in bed but I loved him.Tony lived about an hour away and we didnt see each other much maybe 1 time a month so we just text and chatted alot.I would cam him on my skype and play with myself while he jacked off all the time he was 1 horny boy..

James and my dad were drinking beer after they had worked on the stable 1 day and I was in my bikini ,while my dad was in the garage getting something James started flirtin with me like he always did ,it was a lil game he played with me the last few years and he knew I wouldnt tell my dad cause he said my dad treated me like a kid and James treated me like I was an adult (i like that) James would tell me that he wishes he was tony my boyfriend!A few times when dad wasn't around he would slap my ass not in a sexual way, just like friends! When dad would come back in the room James would basically ignore me and talk to my dad.

The next week dad left town for ten days and I was home alone and dad told me to keep all the hours that James works everyday while he worked on the stables and the yard work so I felt like dad was trusting me with some responsibilities .That week I walked down to the stables to check on James to see if he was working and James was there with a cooler of beer and had his headphones on,he didn't see me so I sit there and watched a few minutes behind a tree near by, when James started unzipping his pants and pulled a HUGE black dick out and started peeing! I totally freaked out,and went home and started thinking of how it turned me on I got out my mini dildo and in 30 seconds I had a great orgasm, there would be no way in hell I could even take 1/2 of that sized cock in my pussy.James's cock had to be a foot long it reminded me of a snake I seen in the lake.later that day I was at the pool and James was cleaning it and drinking beer,he asked me if I wanted a beer(it made me feel grown) he said don't worry he wouldn't tell my dad so I drank a beer with him and then another and jumped in the pool,James asked me could he get it to cool off I said of course but didn't know he was gonna get in the pool in his boxers.I was watching him as he walked to jump in and he keep adjusting his cock when he got in he started splashing me and picked me up and threw me,we were having fun and a few times I could feel his cock rub my leg but I thought it was just harmless.My dad would fucking freak out if he knew James was in the pool with me and I was drinking beer but I didn't care James was treating my like an adult and I liked that! When I was at the pool dad called my cell phone and asked me what James was doing and I said he was working on the stables and I was at the pool, he said if I needed anything to call him I said ok! James overheard me tell dad he was working and smiled and gave me another beer. I was having so much fun.James sit beside me while I put on suntan lotion then he took the bottle and told me 2 flip over so I did his hands were HUGE and rough but it felt so good when I turned my head to the side I could see that his cock was swaying back and forth under his boxers, it was very close to my head ,he did my back and legs then said I had such a nice ass and I said thank you (he made me blush) he slapped it real quick and I laughed.He told me thanks for telling my dad he was working and before I knew it I said anything for u James he said anything, I said of course.He told me 2 roll on my back and when I did out came his cock right in my face he bent down and started kissing on me and I didn't stop him then he sit beside me and put my hand on his cock I told him how good it felt! I started rubbing it and he laid down then he told me to give it a kiss and I slowly licked that black cock up and down then I got up and ran in the house while he laid there and I took a shower, I was so embarrassed but excited! I even felt a lil scared,all I could think bout is my dad being sooo mad at me because when James wasn't there dad called him his nigger!

The very next morning I had on sum tight boy shorts and a tank top and I was eating breakfast when James came in and sit down and started talking he told me that my dad would fire him if he knew he gave me beer and I told him not to worry that I would never tell. I started crying and pleading with him that I wouldn't tell. he told me he would tell my daddy that I sucked his dick and my dad would hate me. I begged him please James please please please this will be our secret ,then the phone rang while James was sitting there and dad was asking what James was doing and I said he is working on the stable and while I was talking to dad James was rubbing my leg and my boobs when I got off the phone he told me that from now on while his dad was away that I needed 2 do what he said and I told him sure. He got out his phone and told me to show me my boobs and when i did....... u like?

old black men! yummmm they know how to make my pussy throb! i luv em atleast 50 yrs old that thick cum in my mouth issssssssssss sooooooo good


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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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