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Why is it so hard to find dominants? Why isn't there like a code for those in the bdsm world to advertise themselves as a dom/sub, master/slave? Why does it have to be so hard

03 Aug 2013 13:43

I think I'm a squirter, but I'm not and it'll be pee. ugh.

11 Jun 2013 20:00

I really wish my body would orgasm. I can't do it. Others can't do it. Well a very select few new how too. And I am not longer in contact with them. So no orgasms for me..

17 Dec 2012 17:22

God i just want to be fucked by someone who knows what they're doing and to be owned by a true master.

06 Aug 2012 18:31

It's been so long since I've had cock in my ass. Oh how I need a patient love to stretch me back out fuck me to brutal orgasms!

10 Jun 2012 20:28

People say they like my Hair, they like my breasts, they like my life...but that's it. They envy me, yet I am alone. I don't want to be envied, I want someone to love me. And yet no one will love me. I think about it every time someone says they like something about me. I am not a thing. I am a women.

28 May 2012 18:53

That moment when you're to tired to masturbate. my life.

09 May 2012 17:45

I'm so horny! All the time! I need a steady relationship with someone who could fuck me all the time!

22 Apr 2012 09:07

I don't understand men. You want your girl to want fuck whenever you want. But say this girl is single and you want to get with her, and you find out she likes sex enough to fuck casually. All of a sudden that girl isn't worth your time. I do not understand men. All i understand is that I'm addicted to sex and painfully single.

12 Feb 2012 12:05

How can i be happy with who i want to be with if they don't understand my submissive nature... How am i supposed to teach him to understand... Nothing ever works for me to be happy.

08 Jan 2012 15:18

So I've been dumped by my boyfriend...fuck...

14 Dec 2011 17:26

For fucks sake! I am so damn horny and all i was is to be tied up and fucked hard till I'm crying and left limp and ready to fall asleep! I'm so lonely and all it is is upsetting me more more!

10 Dec 2011 18:06

Can someone cheer me up? My boyfriend is away and won't fuck me hard and rough like i need.

18 Nov 2011 18:08

I went after a boy and he let me think i could have him, then he let my fall so hard. Why can't he just like me back as much...

30 Aug 2011 12:56

All i feel is sadness. I could use some love.

27 Aug 2011 14:29

Daddies little girl has been naughty again...Someone should punish her! Come boys whose going to step up to be my daddy!

23 Aug 2011 17:25

Hey big boys! I Have been a naughty little girl and I think Daddy needs to punish me!

19 Aug 2011 16:09

This little girl has been naughty again. I've been touching myself so much. I think daddy needs to punish and fuck his little girl into submission and back into shape. Whose gonna be my daddy tonight?

06 Aug 2011 18:03

Does anyone wanna play my daddy and punish his naughty girl? Come cyber with me

05 Aug 2011 12:56

I really need a master to whip me into shape..

08 Jul 2011 18:41

sooo horny! Someone with a master persona cyber with me!

21 Apr 2011 17:39

Need to be fucked! Worst sexual tension ever!

17 Apr 2011 16:57

I really need to fucked good and hard. I am sooo sick of masturbating.

17 Apr 2011 13:03