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Growing up, I was a science and math nerd. I became an engineer. All day long, I work with dry numbers and facts and electronic wizardry. I have a long commute. I could use the time productively, learning new languages or something. Instead, I daydream and build fantasies in my head. Some of these fantasies find their way into written form. I hope readers enjoy them.

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Wisconsin, United States
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21 Oct 2018 21:27
I like classic rock and low budget sci-fi. I have a Harley Dyna, and a Washburn guitar to balance out my geek side.
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I read a lot of fantasy fiction and science fiction. My two favorite authors are Steven Brust and LE Modesitt. I really like how they can have plot details mapped out in the first book of a series that don't come around to be important until several books later.
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Classic rock all the way! Styx, Pink Floyd, ELO, and Yes. Eclectic rock also: Adrian Belew and John Hiatt. Newer music I like include The Wallflowers, Live and some Nickelback.


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Topic: A little note about multi-part stories.
Posted: 03 Aug 2015 20:05

I find myself continuously torn by this very dilemma. When I check my reading habits, I like medium length stories with a catching plot and descriptive and realistic sex scenes. When I look at the stories I write, I see all of my first drafts pushing over 9000 words. Then, somehow, after I clean out all of the redundancies and fix the long run-on sentences, I find that I am over 9500 words.

So, should I break up the story into smaller chapters? I barely get around to introducing the characters in 600 words. I can imagine myself wasting 600 words on a recap of chapters 1-4. Balanced against my reading habits, 2000 word sections would be too short.

So, should I try for medium submissions with a couple of chapters each? 5k to 6k words makes for an easy read. It seems like the thing to do. But then I notice that the multipart stories that I have submitted tend to loose readership as I go along. Part 1 gets 10K views, 20 scores, and a dozen comments. Part 3 gets 2k views, 3 scores, and 1 comment.

Now I know for a fact I am a world class author. How else could I get published here? Hopefully you can tell I have a sense of humor as well. In spite of that, I have to ask: In the reader's eyes, have I exhausted my characters in three parts, or did my writing ability come up short? The answer is probably both. So, where does that leave me.

My personal goals will include trying to write more 6k word standalone stories, and to limit my epic tales to 3 parts at most. I will also try to keep each of those parts under 8k words.

I will always maintain that I am writing stories to amuse myself. I certainly enjoy when others are entertained by those stories. I don't mind pandering to the crowd as long as I am having fun.

Is this 600 words yet? :)

Topic: How often do you write a story that ends up somewhere you didn't expect?
Posted: 23 Jul 2015 21:20

I was reading one of Mysteria's great stories, and saw a comment from her that really struck a chord with me.

Simplicity - Long month indeed for little sister. Nicely written M.
1 hour ago reply | like
Lush Gold member
Mysteria27 - Thanks so much for reading and your lovely comment...I guess we will have to see what happens...when I write this stuff I never know where it's going. I giggled when I saw what I typed. Xo
1 hour ago like

I can't tell you how many of my stories start with an idea, and as I write, the story builds itself in ways I didn't expect. As a writer, I love when that happens and its good. I was wondering how many other authors find themselves writing words that they didn't expect to create.


Topic: Jumping between first person point of view,with more then one character.
Posted: 24 Jan 2015 21:13

Make sure its done well! I read (and enjoyed!) a story recently published on this site that arbitrarily jumped between the two main characters. It was distracting.

That being said, I have a work in progress that jumps between four characters. There are sections I didn't like because 1) I didn't like how it read when I forced that first person perspective and 2) I didn't feel like the reader was going to follow who the current 'I, he, she, him or her' was.

I have most of it readable (in my opinion) because I force the perspective when I describe who is thinking thoughts, and then fall back to story telling when there is action.

Topic: lush convention
Posted: 24 Jan 2015 20:58

My wife has been to meets set up by the online gaming site she likes (cribbage and backgammon). They had various tournaments and some instructional meetings. They met in Nashville one year and Minneapolis another. I think the sites were chosen based on who was in charge and also the lower costs of these smaller cities.

She was pleased to see that people who argued all the time online became fast friends in real life- although they were happily squabbling during games just like they did online.

Both times, she roomed with friends that she had flirted with online. I am sure she had a good time!

My real point is, put someone with organizational skills in charge. Let them determine how many people would actually show up and what those people would want to do. The organizers will pick the right venue, and we can all go have some fun :)

PS I won't go. People might tell me what they really think of my stories, and my ego would be crushed!

Topic: What does your username mean?
Posted: 22 Jan 2015 21:21

I have at least 3 stories for how I took this name, all of them lies!

The first stems from the fact that people lie on the internet all the time. If I said I had good manners, people would think it was a lie. By claiming to have bad manners, people should know that in truth, I have good manners. :)

Another story stems from a swing party that we went to. My wife kidnapped the host as soon as we walked in the door. I assisted the hostess in finishing setup. I also helped her clean some early dirty dishes from the snacks. She looked at me and told me it was bad manners to be so nice at a party where everyone else was being naughty.

For the record, I like typing, and I can keep inventing stories all day long...

Topic: What's the biggest age difference between you and someone you had sex with?
Posted: 22 Jan 2015 21:12

My wife and I started swinging in our early 40's. She asked me to "take on for the team" when she fancied an older gentleman at a party. I met and liked his wife, and everyone was happy. I would have guessed that she was in her early 50's. We had a delightful time. She was very sweet (double entendre intended). Afterwords, she admitted that she was 66 years old, 24 years older than me. I can only hope that we can all be as youthful and entertaining when we mature!

Topic: What is the longest story you have written?
Posted: 15 Jan 2015 19:26

I have two long stories that I wrote a couple of years ago. Both are many chapters long and I am afraid to look at the word counts. Both are 'early works' for me, and need A LOT of work to make them readable for others. I have too many fresh ideas percolating and waiting to get on paper, so I haven't worked on the older ones yet.

One thing I have seen a lot of on this site, and I think would be a good structure for me, is limiting ideas to three chapters. I am sure that is a rule I will break, but planning ahead to limit my thoughts will allow me to get in and out of a story, without feeling the need to force the creative process.

Topic: Oh, soldier, soldier - a poem thrice scorned
Posted: 10 Oct 2014 14:19

Rejection sucks. I wrote a poem, and I let the structure be dictated by the emotions that I hoped would be revealed by it. It was rejected because it did not fit someone else's definition of Proper Poetry.

Sometimes, it's better to to let the writing of the work be a personal process, and a personal release. When I read your poem, I was saddened by the tragedy as it unfolded, but I did not feel the tremendous loss that you had to have felt in losing a friend. I sincerely hope that writing and sharing this piece is helping you to cope with those feelings.

I also trust that you understand that having some heartless cynic reject your poem does not make your feelings less valid. In this case, I think it reaffirms that warm-hearted and kind people should stick together.

Write on, and keep the pointy side of the pencil on the paper!

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Just One Kiss

College was a rough time for me. Intellectually, the first two semesters were awesome. Nothing else about the experience lived up to my expectations. I would be tempted to say that there wasn't really even one single highlight in my life while I was there. The third semester was the worst. It started in Chemistry. The only blemish on my grades from the first semester came from a...

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Ancient Languages

I have a little bit of wisdom that I'd like to share. If you find yourself with the opportunity to become an expert on forgotten languages, skip it. You will spend the rest of your days locked in dusty rooms full of artifacts that you don't dare touch. You will spend more time trying to convince someone to pay for your expertise than you will spend using that knowledge. I don't suppose that...

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My Crazy Life 3 - Susan

If we were to meet today for the first time, you probably wouldn't be overwhelmed. I am not a bigger than life character. I am not sexually charismatic, or physically remarkable. You would probably notice that I am quietly confident, witty with dry humor, and I can often come off as having more than half a brain. At least you would notice me. That wasn't always the case. When my wife and...

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My Crazy Life 2 - Amy

Swinging is not an activity for all people. By definition, it is a couple’s activity, and it requires a couple that is strong in their commitment to each other and open to new experiences. Here is the story of how my wife and I got started. My wife might say that she and I had been more or less happily married for fifteen years when we decided to explore. I am the story-teller, and I am...

Added 06 Sep 2018 | Category Swingers | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 3,941 | 5 Comments

My Crazy Life 1 - Michelle

I have written a lot of stories, and I believe I have a creative imagination. Because most of the stories are my fantasies, my main male characters tend to resemble me. This might quickly lead an astute reader to confusion, because in the various stories, my wife is either a nymphomaniac, or she's dead, or she left me for either a younger or an older man. My only answer is that to some...

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Precipice - Part 3 of 3

This little aside actually is part of the story. My oldest brother-in-law is a huge baseball fan. He managed to score some tickets for a Cubs versus Brewers game in Milwaukee. He had enough tickets to invite all of his brothers-in-law and all of our sons. There were even enough that the daughters were invited as well. Our families are split about 50-50 in supporting Wisconsin and...

Added 30 Aug 2018 | Category Incest | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.78 | Views 3,087 | 7 Comments

Precipice - Part 2 of 3

Here's a fun fact that almost isn’t part of this story. One of my wife's friends has a kidney disorder that is being studied and closely monitored by doctors at the University in Madison. She isn't supposed to drive, so my wife volunteered to be her taxi. They leave after dinner on Thursday evenings and then spend the night. My wife is usually home by noon on Friday. This has been going on...

Added 28 Aug 2018 | Category Taboo | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 4,420 | 5 Comments

Precipice - Part 1 of 3

I think I'm about to get into trouble. It doesn't happen often, and like any other time, I didn't even know it was coming. There were three causes this time, and I'm only responsible for two of them. The first cause started long before I even started dating my wife. We've been married more than twenty years, so it's been an issue for a while. I've tried my best, but the problem is still there....

Added 27 Aug 2018 | Category Taboo | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 5,201 | 5 Comments

Moving On - Part 3 of 3

Between the alcohol and her orgasm, Tonia was out like a light. I very carefully gathered her into my arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. She didn't wake as I cleaned things up and tucked her into bed. I struggled with deciding what was the right thing to do, and finally decided I should stay with her until the alcohol wore off and she woke up. I figured that would only be a couple...

Added 15 Jul 2018 | Category Incest | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 2,334 | 6 Comments

Moving On - Part 2 of 3

Sometimes I forget that my daughter likes to meddle. Early the next morning, I got a call from work. Apparently, my daughter had called my boss and told him about my mishap. In spite of the being cleared by the doctor, my boss insisted that I take the day off. I argued, but he insisted, and I relented. The last thing I wanted to do was sit around all alone in my empty house. It promised to be...

Added 09 Jul 2018 | Category Fantasy & Sci-Fi | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 1,283 | 5 Comments

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