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I'm off more often than not... I'm sorry for not being around more my friends! Leave me a pm and I will definitely get back to you all

14 May 2013 12:56

It takes more than just being a good fuck to be good partners. Hot sex just means your genitalia is compatible.

28 Aug 2012 21:03

I'm back up and feeling lush! To my new friends and not-so-new friends, thanks for putting up with me. hope to talk to you all soon!
Just for laughs

17 Aug 2012 16:05

ugh, I miss my friends... :*(

sorry for any unintentional ditching.

13 Aug 2012 22:24

Made some really good friends here. Thanks you all for giving me the chance to know you guys.

31 Jul 2012 21:05

My twin has a special place on my lush time now.

29 Jul 2012 00:54

You know that moment when you're talking to a friend and realize that you are having two conversations at the same time and no idea how it happened.

26 Jul 2012 19:26