badmarie's Blog Entries

I am thinking that I would love being down in Key West.

13 Jul 2013 09:44

The weather is great, now to take the tops off and put the skirt on and leaving the panties at home and take a drive.

27 May 2013 23:23

It's a beautiful weekend, I am ready to head to the pool later this evening and enjoy just relaxing.

25 May 2013 09:38

How many wonderful people of all expressions are here. Hugs to you all.

28 Feb 2012 07:30

That its really been a wonderful year. I met so many great people and made many wonderful friends online. While we have some real a**holes running things now in DC we do live in a beautiful country and this year I saw a lot of it.

12 Dec 2010 06:41

I am thinking about a world free of religious bigotry.

15 Aug 2010 08:37