Love Poems(1)


How Can I Say I Love You

You are my everything

How can I say I love you Side by side Life passing by Lost in the imagination of the day How can I say I love you So wonderful So beautiful Eyes sparkling under the sun's ray You are my one You are my everything Today, tomorrow You make my spirit sing How can I say I love you Hands touching your skin Lips joining Lost in your embrace How can I say I love you Grasping you to me Licking...Read On



The Beach

The white fabric of her bikini did little to hide her dark nipples.

They drove down the open two-lane freeway in the most beautiful place on Earth. The rental car they were in didn't move fast, and that was okay because the couple was on Hawaii Time. That meant no watches and no making plans, just going with the flow. It was their first vacation in ages. They had looked forward to getting away from the daily grind and decided the best way to do this was to...Read On


The Hike

Today she knew that they’d be out hiking

She knew they were going on a hike at the base of the local mountain that morning. It was warm enough out to be comfortable, but not so hot that she was left sticky after stretching. The mountain was beautiful with the sun just high enough in the sky to cast a long shadow off the fence in front of her; the entrance to the park. A large group of walkers just went by, back to their cars after...Read On


The Workout

She realized that maybe she did have incentive to head to the gym more than once or twice a month

It had been a long week and finally they found time to make it to the gym. Over the years it got more and more difficult to get away from the daily grind. There wasn’t enough incentive for the pair to make a workout more than once or twice a month, even though the facilities were top notch. As usual, they headed up to the cardio equipment first. The area was quite large and humming with...Read On