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I grew up during the Woodstock sexual revolution in the 60s, when there were no cell phones, videos, or internet, and few boys even owned a bathing suit; therefore, boys went naked together in showers or swimming at the YMCA or skinny dipping in ponds and streams, while high school teens played coed strip poker, and making out was accepted as couples shared car experiences at the outdoor drive-in theater. Girls wore dresses, flashing a boy upskirt, with or without panties, stored in her purse, showing a boy her sexy bush with the one she had a crush on, watching his bulging reaction, as she smiled! Writing about those times and how we all responded, learning to communicate with one another personally and sexually, is my goal with some help from both experienced critics and my readers! Further, how "Calcutta," a whore's porn film, where married men came to get sucked off, as she swallowed their cum, established the blowjob as a normal part of women's sexual practice. Living together on a trial basis before marriage became the norm set by all the world's youth! Hippies, dial phones, B/W TV, while "Playboy" & Polaroid pics of the 60s were the "in," expressing nudity, and invited masturbation!
I spent my high school days boarding at Kemper Military School, where we learned to date college freshman girls at Stevens Girl's School, inviting them to the Military Ball, treating them as ladies in their ball gowns.

Bailey Hughes
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International Travel, Photography, Adventures including mountaineering, camping, and visiting free open clothing optional beaches, waterfalls, and hidden coves where cooling off nude in the heat was the norm in places off campgrounds and hiking trails since no one brought swimsuits!
Favorite Books:
WWII Secrets: "Microdots" (Readers Digest)
"War of the Worlds" HG Wells
"The Pendulum" Edgar Alen Poe
"Lady Chatterley's Lover"
Favorite Authors:
Ian Fleming
Tom Clancy
Charles Dickens
Favorite Movies:
James Bond Series: "From Russia with Love," (Favorite movie)
"Battle of the Bulge"
"The Great Escape"
Star Wars
The Dirty Dozen
Favourite TV Shows:
"I Led Three Lives"
"The A-Team"
"Charley's Angels"
"The Untouchables"
"Sky King"
RADIO: The Green Hornet, Terry & The Pirates,
The Lone Ranger, Yukon King
Favorite Music:
Rock & Roll
Hits of the 60s
Elvis Prestley
The Beatles


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Topic: Competition
Posted: 21 Jul 2018 08:01

Why enter the competition?
By entering the competition you introduce yourself to the lush readers. It is not important that you win any competition award. What it accomplishes is exposure to a new unknown writer. My first competition, I was read by over 10,000. Before that, I barely made 4,000 readers. I also received more than 25 votes; before I was lucky to get 8. I made a lot of friends from those posting comments and learned what they liked or disliked. Some added my story to their queue for reading later. So entering a competition will improve your readership.

Topic: What kind of Porn do you like?
Posted: 20 Jul 2018 20:02

Threesomes (MFM) with oral exchange of each other

Topic: Receiving.ladies undies
Posted: 13 Jul 2018 07:20

In the old days, girls sent a letter with the initials, S.W.A.K. (Sealed With A Kiss) and her blot of lipstick on the back of the envelope, and some perfume.
Now you could send a 4" X 5" envelope with a Card of Love (Hallmark) and the panties of intimacy.

I use to come to visit a girlfriend with a gift-wrapped box with a bra and panty set from Victoria's Secret and a single rose.
Sometimes, the lady would wear them for me and nothing else, as I enjoyed pulling her panties down and kissing her lovely charms,
as she unhooked and dropped her bra revealing her erect nipples and lovely perky boobies for me to suck and kiss too.
What a lovely night we spent together, loving one another; it was so romantic, her fondling and kissing my dick all over too!
The memories will always be there of her in all her young beauty, and I think of it often, reliving it as I masturbate these days,

Topic: What is Your Favorite Sexual Act
Posted: 17 Jun 2018 19:45

Cunnilingus the act of enjoyment in licking a woman out to an organism as you taste, kiss and smell her wonderful womanhood!
That is the ultimate act that lasts much longer, especially if she enjoys tasting her man's cock and swallowing his cum also.

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Party Pool

One afternoon, Linda, a senior like me, but at Hockaday Girls Academy in Dallas, got me to drive her home from school in her sexy uniform with the short little skirt and white panties underneath. She had a pool in her backyard, so she invited me to go for a swim. She knew I didn't have a suit, so I think she planned it that way. I told her, there was a problem, me not having a suit. She...

Added 20 Jul 2018 | Category Teen | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.33 | Views 16,156 | 5 Comments


The forest scenery has lots to offer including some surprising scenes. Home from college on a weekend, it was Saturday and Katie and Suzie decided on hiking the forest trail up to the waterfall.  Arriving at the trailhead, they park, noticing another car parked there too. Shouldering their day packs, they shove off at a leisurely pace among the shaded trees. Wondering who might be up...

Added 13 Jul 2018 | Category Masturbation | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.14 | Views 12,721 | 9 Comments

Summer Lawn Boy

Mowing lawns all week in the heat could be torture; so, when Jeannie offered to let me use her shower at the end of the day, I accepted gratefully! After I finished mowing her lawn, being it was the last one of the day, I rang the bell. It was great to have a place for a sixteen-year-old boy to relax and cool off in a shower after a long day!  Jeannie met me at the door and quickly...

Added 17 Jun 2018 | Category Teen | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.56 | Views 12,010 | 7 Comments

Boulder, Colorado

  Boulder Falls located west on Boulder Canyon  Road (Hwy 119) is a great place to hike, especially above the falls, where you find small falls and pools to cool off, "Au Natural!" Many hikers in their teens have discovered these places by accident, being clothing optional, where topless girls in panties and college boys naked, had no suits, enjoyed nature and each other, as small groups...

Added 30 Jun 2018 | Category Outdoor | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 3,448 | 1 Comment

The Shower Helper

CRAIGSLIST: Domestic Gigs  (Housemaids) Retiree needs female with a helping hand for his shower duties;  You need not be bothered by nudity; Pays $20/hour minimum.     Also have need of a driver for groceries, washeteria, beach, etc;  Same rates apply-$10/Hr for Person; $10/Hr for Auto/Gas. Most answers to this ad were girls in their twenties, out of work, trying to keep their sixty...

Added 03 Jul 2018 | Category True | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4 | Views 8,355 | 7 Comments

The Apartment Manager

Managing apartments can be a real chore sometimes; but, once in a while, it can be great fun too. I once met an apartment manager in her mid-thirties while I was living on the yacht. She offered to pay me fifty dollars to help her paint an apartment to get it ready to rent. She told me I was to roll the walls and ceiling while she did the trim with her brush. We agreed; so, off she went...

Added 06 Jul 2018 | Category True | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.22 | Views 10,069 | 2 Comments

Discovery of Our Boys' Pool

Tish hastily called Jeannie to announce her discovery of a neat place she had found while hiking some back trails in the undeveloped forest located behind their new residences. In the back, just about a mile inland, was a creek with a small pool. After riding her bike up the trail and parking it, she had ventured about half a mile further to discover a small pool across the creek. The best...

Added 16 Jun 2018 | Category Teen | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.25 | Views 10,132 | 6 Comments

The Waterfall

Home from college in summer, Jake and I decided we would look for that waterfall in that national forest preserve. Hiking for several hours, we finally reach the falls, unpacking we set up our tent some hundred yards away under the pines. Then, being hot and sweaty from the long hike with heavy packs, we decide to strip down to our undies and cool off in the waterfall. Not long afterward...

Added 25 Jul 2018 | Category Teen | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.4 | Views 10,427 | 3 Comments

Afternoon Delight

The July summer heat sizzled as I thirsted for some cool water on my skin. Not, finding my swimsuit, I chose to just swim in my "Superman" undies.  Linda, the next door neighbor, asked if she could join me in the pool to cool off since it was so hot.  "Sure!" I said, "Come on in; the water is nice and cool." She came over wearing a sexy yellow string bikini, carrying a snorkel and face...

Added 01 Jul 2018 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 25 | Avg Score 4.26 | Views 20,343 | 12 Comments

My Little Yacht

In the 1970s, after fiberglass boats arrived, the old wooden boats were no longer wanted, making them cheap to purchase, as upkeep for wood was time-consuming and expensive. That made a small four-berth yacht now affordable for two guys with little money! While I lived aboard in Galveston, my partner worked in Houston, with access to many nurses he knew at Children's Hospital. One time,...

Added 21 Jun 2018 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 2 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 8,083 | 1 Comment

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