Love Stories(2)


Angie Chap 1

Sometimes Love is closer than any one thinks.

Angie, Chap 1 I first met Angelica De Camp, when I was four and a half years old. I was exactly four and a half. I later called her my half year birthday present. She was the first black woman I ever met. At first I was afraid of her, not going near her…she was different. But as time went by (all of about fifteen minutes) I warmed up to her and soon we were inseparable. I thought of Angie...Read On


Angie Chap 2

Fireworks at the Mallory household

Angie Ch. 02 By bmunchausen© Here is the second chapter. I hope that you like it. Please comment. Sometimes things aren't what they seem to be. * After setting up an appointment for the next month, Angie said we had to go and tell Gram. I agreed. Angie asked me, "What do you think she will do?" "After she smacks us along side of the head, I think she is going to...Read On