Group Sex(1)


And then there were 3 ...

You wanted to add spice to your marriage ... here I am

* This is purely a work offiction. Any resemblance to actual events is completely in my dreams... * We met on line. I was lonely, bored, and looking for a little adventure. I'd been single for much too long, and needed release. You were married, but things had gotten stale. You still loved your husband, but things had gotten boring over the course of your marriage. Your husband had...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Iron and lace

His bed was perfect for it – cast iron head and foot board: intricate, and strong. He thought I needed to get more in touch with my dominant side, and he wanted to just kick back and enjoy my explorations. Not thinking, not planning, just experiencing, and letting me use him. He wanted me to take control, to be the aggressor. So, with his encouragement, I tied him, spread eagle and naked,...Read On



My Teacher, Part 1

Learning from an older man; the lessons start

My grandmother owned a few rental properties when I was younger. By the time I was 16, I was responsible for the lawn maintenance, flower beds, etc, at her properties. She paid me, and it got me away from my mom, which Grandma knew was a good thing. She just didn't know how good it became ... I was very active then. At 5'7”, I carried 150 lbs on my frame, and it was mostly muscle. Well,...Read On