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Happy Birthday Baby

I'm positive this will happen again!!!

Happy Birthday Baby!! It was Ambers' birthday and it was almost our 1 year anniversary of being together. The past 12 months seemed to to have flown by without either one of us noticing. 15 months ago, I was still looking for her but hadn't yet found her. Its a long story, but I'll share it with you. We had kind of a lost love thing going. I'd met her 16 years ago, she was dating...Read On

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The Motel

I love my girlfriend Amber, this is one our stories.

The weather sucked. It had rained for most of the day, and now it seemed it was going to continue into the evening. I had been on my bike for almost 10 hours and had only stopped for a late breakfast. It had been a good breakfast though, the hash browns were amazing!! I was heading anywhere, I just had to get away from everything. Work had become a chore and lately things just seemed to...Read On