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Topic Would you ever want to watch your partner fuck another woman?
Posted 04 Oct 2012 02:55

No, it would not. I have been in relationships in the past where I have said to my ex-boyfriend(s) (at parties) "Go on, go fuck her I know you want to..." and they'd go off to another room and have sex and come back afterwards and be all like "okay we did... etc" and I wasn't trying to be mean, I seriously just wanted him to be happy. I have also been in 3-somes with another couple, not having sex with the man, no penetration, just foreplay and all that with both because they wanted me to join in, but I didn't have that great of a time. I mean, I felt like I was the 'butterfly' for the couple. *shrugs* I don't know, honestly.... I think one thing that is seriously missing these days in relationships is complete and total dedication and devotion. I am a very open person, but with the boyfriend I have now, as open as I am, I don't think I'd want to see him screwing another woman. I don't honestly think he'd have any problem having an affair, he told me he had a lot of affairs in his past with his ex.... and he explained why, and I understand why, because I am the same as he is.... we are a lot alike.... but, we both enjoy each other and we don't want any of that stuff any more. We have finally found that one person who does fulfill us completely... I am speaking for us both because he has said this to me. It wouldn't harm our relationship if I did have sex with him with another woman but I wouldn't get turned on by it... I don't even want it to happen. My man is a beautiful man inside and out, so loving and I think that if we did a 3-some with another women that he would hold the guilt and never forgive himself for it. He's just always trying to keep me happy, I can't see him ever wanting to hurt me in any way. If he ever did cheat, he'd do his damnedest to hide it that much I know for sure, for fear of hurting me.... but I don't have that worry. Thank goodness.

Topic married ladies
Posted 04 Oct 2012 02:48

I'm not married, but when I was married I had sex at least once a day, sometimes twice a day. But, my ex-husband was a very sexual man. He would be happy if we had sex 4 times per day.

I, on the other hand, just love to be wanted, and cuddled... I love to have sex too, I am very sexual, but if the man I was with didn't want to have sex every day it wouldn't upset me. I would be fine, but in my lifetime I have never told any man that I loved "not now honey, I have a headache"... because to be honest, I could be laying in bed with the flu and I'd still want to have sex with my man!

Topic Have you ever asked a guy to masturbate for you
Posted 04 Oct 2012 02:34

Yes, of course!

Topic sex for money
Posted 04 Oct 2012 02:32

Well, I have been propositioned many times to have sex or other things with a guy for cash, but I have never accepted.

However, one of the things that attracted me to my boyfriend was that he was a very generous stranger who was always wanting sex with me and afterwards would offer to give me money to help me out.... like one time, we were seeing each other very casually, I barely knew him, it wasn't even serious, and we had sex, like random and I barely knew him but it had been like a really long time since I had sex, and I thought what the hell... anyhow, afterwards I told him I was going on a trip and he flat out handed me $400 and said "Here's some money to have fun with while you're on your trip!" After that, I started thinking, wow this guy is generous, I'm gonna go back and have sex with him again, and sure enough, afterwards he'd stuff money into my purse or hands or whatever. I one time asked him if he was my "Sugar Daddy" and he got hurt, the look in his eye was so telling. He was in love with me! He wanted to give me presents, and money because he loved me and wanted to take care of me, and I was blind!
We've been together almost 3 years now, and every time he is around me, he's giving me money or buying me gifts, still to this day... whether we have sex or not... he's just a generous man and loves to take care of his baby. :) I'm very lucky, and I'm not talking about just the money.... I'm talking about him loving me so much. :)

P.S. I should explain "Stranger" in this post.

He was a stranger in the sense that I met him in a public place and we chatted and kinda traded numbers, we never really texted each other though. We kept running into each other for many months all over town, and then we did start texting and talking and becoming friends. I knew him for about 4 months or so before we really 'hung out' and talked, and it was within 6 months that we started to become sexually curious about one another, while both highly attracted to each other. So, my idea of stranger is a man I became friends with who I had not known in any way, any shape, or form over the years.

When I say I hadn't had sex in a long time, I am talking about only having sex a few times in 8 years.... I was starting to feel like I was going to turn back into a Virgin.... I was in a very long distance relationship with a man in another country and we barely got to meet up so when we broke up it had been like forever since I had sex.... thank goodness I remembered how!

Topic Masturbating while driving in the Car?
Posted 04 Oct 2012 02:26

1. Yes.
2. Any time.
3. Back Roads.
4. Intense.
5. No.
6. I've done it.

Topic Would you ever stop an elevator and do it with your partner?
Posted 04 Oct 2012 02:23


Topic Would you like your husband or boyfriend buy you sexy underwear?
Posted 04 Oct 2012 02:22

Oh I would love that!

Topic Orgasm by just contracting your muscles?
Posted 04 Oct 2012 02:21

Interesting, I am going to have to try that the way that you do it.

I have had orgasms while doing kegels with a kegelmaster 2000. I don't think I meant to originally, it wasn't in my plan, but many times when I have used it, I have found myself being completely aroused. I have had that for over 2 years now, and just about every time I use it, I end up having an orgasm. At first, like the first few times I used it, I didn't, but then I had it on a very low spring setting, like the 2nd setting or something, but now I am at setting 8 or 9 I think and the pressure is very strong, so when I do them now, it's like a lot of resistance as I do the kegels, making my kegel muscles very strong but at the same time that same pressure is very arousing.

My kegels (without the kegelmaster) are now very strong indeed. I am sure I could easily have an orgasm by doing those alone now, but I haven't tried. However, tonight I will. ;)

Topic Ladies what is your age group.
Posted 04 Oct 2012 02:13

I have also met some very beautiful older women in my lifetime. I am always amazed at the beautiful women that I meet, quite often they are vegetarians and into yoga, cycling or spinning. I was inside of Trader Joe's the other day with my best friend, and she pointed to a very beautiful woman who was walking around in the store in very skin tight aerobic type pants and a tight half shirt. The woman was tall, at about 5 foot 11 and had the most gorgeous curves. Her butt was the firmest that I have ever seen, round and sexy, her legs were fantastic! I saw her arms which were smooth and tanned and her hair was brilliant and shining. I would say that her hair was a dark blonde color with streaks of lighter blonde and darker blonde. Her face was really pretty, but I didn't look super close up because she was about 8 feet away, but I couldn't stop staring at her butt. My best friend said to me "There's my spinning instructor! That woman is fit!" I said in response "Well, I am amazed at her butt, that's for sure!" With that my best friend said to me "How old would you say she is?" I glanced over and then back and said, "She looks better than anyone else here, better than those 20 year old girls, I can tell she's not 20, so I would say 40, maybe 50?" My best friend looked at me and said "Nope, she's 75!" I immediately grabbed my cart and walked over to where she was and got a really good look at her. She looked amazing! I'm still in awe of the beauty that comes from working out and eating right, and it doesn't matter about age when you take good care of yourself.

I aspire to be so beautiful at that age! I'm more than half way there and not looking so bad myself....

Topic Has anyone ever found your sex toys?
Posted 04 Oct 2012 01:29

One time at a birthday party at my house, with teenagers and older folks around someone found my vibrator. Only, it wasn't a human that found it. No, it just so happened that it was my very inquisitive pet ferret. He not only found it he gnawed it up and then brought it down the stairs into the living room dragging it under him into the middle of the room, bites and pieces chewed out of it, to the shock of everyone who was there. That was hard to not blush over. You should have seen me chasing him around yelling at him to give me the dildo! Oh, and no it wasn't a metal vibrator, it was one of those big rubbery jelly ones. My kids thought it was super funny but I was highly embarrassed that the older folks saw it. They probably were laughing all the way home over it too. How embarrassing! d'oh!

Topic Do you remember the very 1st cock you ever saw ;-) x
Posted 04 Oct 2012 01:24

No, I do not. I've tried to recall what it looked like, but I cannot.

Topic does watching your man cum turn you on?
Posted 04 Oct 2012 01:16

I found this forum completely by accident. I was searching for videos. It's funny how someone can watch videos their whole life and stumble upon one video to change everything. I think I have a new fetish. This is how I ended up here. It was about this very subject matter that I was interested in. It just so happens that I have only very recently discovered "Cream Pie" videos online. I have watched many xxx videos but never knew what a "Cream Pie" video was. In any case, I decided to watch one. It was the first time in my life that I saw, close up, the pulsating ejaculation of a man so clearly. I started to become fascinated. I search for "Cream Pie" videos now, not because I want to watch the cum dripping out of some woman's beautiful vagina, but so that I can watch the way that the penis pulsates as it is shooting it's load up inside her! The pulsating and throbbing is fantastic! I am trying to find a site that shows this in many videos up close, and personal.

My boyfriend is very pleased with me because I love to give oral sex to him. I always have. However, since I am usually swallowing when he cums, I am not down there watching as it happens. Unfortunate. I would so love to be able to see him cum and also swallow it and feel it shooting in my mouth at the same time. I can't have both!

What I love, simply, is pleasuring him. I know he enjoys it. Whether he makes noise or not- both ways are fine. I just love the feeling that I get when I am doing it.

During sex I love to feel him tense up, and yes, I love to watch him cum too! It's amazing, and I know how good it feels since I am also very orgasmic. love8

Sex is amazing, and even more amazing when the person you are with is the best sexual match and you feel completely satisfied in every way.

My favorite thing though is a man who is not circumcised. Just so you know, I think that circumcised penises do not feel as good. Size isn't as important to me as that. Small, large, whatever...

I prefer the way it feels most of all, so I like it to be hard, and I like the foreskin a lot.

Every man is different and feels different, the way they make love is different, size and shape is different.... I know only one thing.... no two men have ever been the same in bed. Even if their penis is similar in size, there is always a big difference. I've had big and I've had small, and I tell you what I prefer....

Hard and with a foreskin, and prefer size 4 1/2" - 6 " best.

But I found the man of my dreams..... and it's fantastic with him every time!