Two for Tennis (2) - Growing desires

Growing desires of a girl for lesbian sex

Two for Tennis (2) -Growing desires On Saturday I got a call from Elin, she sounded very excited. “Yes, last night I had my first big O with Karel, it was fantastic!” I was happy for her and asked her what they did different. She answered really not much; only when he was fucking her from behind as always, she was playing with her nipples with one hand while sucking the thumb of the...Read On



Two for Tennis

Two girls discovering a new side of their relationship

Two for Tennis -  Episode One – Discovering the unexpected On Wednesday afternoon, I usually take off to play some tennis with friends at the local sports club. It’s a nice group, we usually have lots of fun and its great to get the body in shape and fit again. One of the girls I play tennis with often is Elin. Elin is a beautiful young blonde girl, unfortunately straight. She...Read On



Nail shop sex

Vibrating orgasm with benga balls in a nailshop

In my frequent business travels to the USA, I like to visit one of the many nail shops where the girls are very good in giving manicures, pedicures and relaxing massages. Sometimes when my husband is with me, he also joins in to have a relaxing pedicure, sitting on one of those massage chairs which shakes and vibrates you all over your body. Once I noticed that a lady sitting side of me...Read On



Surprise at the beach

Fist time surprise anal sex encounter

We were on a cruise along the coasts of South America with a few other couples, friends from our hometown, when we had a “land” stop for a week in a beach resort in the North of Brazil. Our group was hanging out at the pool, blasted and lazy from the many pina coladas with lots of rum. My wife was also sleeping (passed out) but I was still close to sober and decided to go for a walk by myself...Read On


Surprise at the beach - part 2

Straight male, surprised and seduced by a beautiful brazilian (T) girl

The next evening I was sitting at the bar still thinking about my remarkable encounter with Thais (see part 1). I had never been with such a beautiful (T) girl with that little extra which she gave to me so lovingly. I did not realize how much she had impressed me, until I found myself fantasizing about being with her again. My wife was busy with her bingo & booze party, the last time...Read On