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13 Mar 2014 12:04

Finding it really hard to write the sex scene in my new story. This is what having a break in writing does to me -.-

16 Jan 2014 15:42

Hey everyone! My internet is really bad at the moment so if I suddenly stop talking I'm not ignoring you, I'm just kicking the crap out of the router...

09 Jan 2014 06:59

New story in the works...

23 Aug 2013 13:45

Check out my new story, please?

19 Aug 2013 16:09

08 Aug 2013 01:38

Sat on the train reading on lush when I turn and see the guy sat next to me is reading the story on my phone over my shoulder, he looks at me smiles and says "I read that last night, good story" I swear I almost died.

18 Jun 2013 20:20

Switching on your laptop before you make food so that when you return your laptop is turned on and waiting for you like a naked lover.

18 Jun 2013 18:12

writers block :'(