Being Late For Master

*Allcharacters and places in this story are fictional, and all content is the sole creation of mine and owned by beinggood. Checking the time, I already knew it was past 8pm. My heart raced as I remembered the last words He spoke to me on the phone…”Don’t be late”. I didn’t mean to stay after work and chat with the girls, but time just got away from me. I could lie and say I was stuck...Read On

Love Poems(1)


He is my Master

Master, You are who I so look up to Master, You are who I melt for every day Master, You are who I kneel in front of eyes downward Seeing in front of me, your greatest gift to me your hardness excites me Sir Your kind eyes looking at me that can turn to steel in a fraction of a second making my tummy excited my red bottom squirm wanting only to please you, my Master ...Read On